Saturday, July 31, 2010

Training, Shopping, and Museum Hopping

This morning we conducted a training session for the new building cleaning program at church (We’re on our own to make sure our building is spic and span from now on. Yikes!). While we didn’t get a lot of folks out, those of us who could make it had a good time. Afterwards, Steve and Brenda and we went to the annual Village Sidewalk Sale and did a little gazing at the wares for sale at the stores. From there we picked up Ryan, who is staying with us for the next few weeks while he finishes out his med school rotation here, and headed over the Maker Faire at the Henry Ford Museum. Finding that the fair cost money above our museum entrance fee, we opted to just go to the museum as Ryan, Steve, and Brenda had never been. Lots of people were there, more than we’d seen in many times attending. This was both good and bad: Good because of the different attractions the museum doesn’t always have running, and bad because we lost the boy in the crowd. A kind lady found him for us after a harrowing few minutes, so all was well. Landon had a hard time going down tonight because his mouth hurt from teething his last baby molars. Poor little guy!

Landon geared up for the day. Good thing he was wearing something memorable! We knew exactly how to describe him to the security people, down to the mohawk.
Driving the corn harvester. This and the Allegheny 1601 steam locomotive are two of Landon's favorite machines.
Building a Lincoln Log mansion.
Steve, Brenda, Ryan, and Mike getting trained on how to work on an assembly line by watching Lucy and Ethel wrap chocolates on a classic "I Love Lucy" clip. As you can see, we were entranced.
We completed our run on time and under budget. Yes!

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Maygren Family said...

Good thing you found, the guy that would not have been good. Sounds like overall you had a great time. We love you and miss you.