Sunday, July 04, 2010

Trip to Nova Scotia, Day 12

Happy Independence Day! It’s Fast Sunday, and we attended church in Kentville. After church, we headed over to Hall’s Harbour, a place where you can see the dramatic effects of the Bay of Fundy tides. From Hall’s Harbour, we headed over to the Grand Pré National Historic Site, famous as the place about which Longfellow’s poem “Evangeline” was written. In 1755, the Acadians living in Nova Scotia (or as they called it, Acadie), were deported to other British colonies in the Americas by British soldiers. Some of these outcasts made their way to Louisiana, where they are known as the Cajuns. Some Acadians managed to remain in the general area, and some have returned, so there is a significant Acadian influence in parts of Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Quebec, and Maine. From the Grand Pré area, we went to the home of a member family in the Kentville Ward, visited with friends, had dinner, and reminisced about Hallie’s time as a missionary. After returning to the Burstalls and putting Landon to bed, the four of us adults had a good time solving all of the world’s problems. The world might be a very different place today had some key historical events not happened in the way they did. It’s interesting to get a Canadian perspective on what happens in America. I’m not convinced that any of us has all the information we need to understand things as they currently are or why, from a gospel perspective, the world looks the way it does today. I hope that I get a chance to see the whole stories of history from the perspective of those who lived them.

Tired Landon after church.
Hall's Harbour at low tide.
Flags flying at the wharf.
View of houses along the beach.
At high tide, all this land will be submerged.
This dock shows the extremes of the tide.
Hallie and views of the coast.
The Hall's Harbour Lobster Pound.
Another view of exposed land that will be totally submerged at high tide.
Holiday greetings from Grand Pre!
The church at Grand Pre and the Evangeline statue.
Another view of Evangeline.
Another view of the church.
Stained glass above the main doors of the church.
This very friendly, very cool cat looks after the church and grounds.
Archeological excavations around the church. When we were here nine years ago, these excavations were just barely started.
Us with another family touring the grounds.
The Deportation Cross along the Minas Basin. It it believed that the Acadians from Grand Pre were removed from Nova Scotia here.
A dairy farm near the Deportation Cross. This is one of the many farms where Farmer's Ice Cream comes from!
Acadia University in Wolfville.
The Carwarden Bed & Breakfast, where we stayed nine years ago.
At Morgan's house with friends. Landon took the candids.

Self portrait.

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