Friday, July 01, 2005

A Bit of Reflection/Canada Day

Today I went to my visiting teacher's sister's funeral. I went because my visiting teacher has also been a good friend. Her sister was young (only 26) and has been quite ill her whole entire life. It gives you a lot to think about after hearing what a great life this young girl led. Gives you reason to change. Today is also Canada Day. We ate perogies last night to commemorate. This morning as is our monthly tradition we at a Kinder Egg, and my toy was great! The Canadian Flag is hanging in the window as well. Speaking of Canada, there is a real estate company from Nova Scotia that sends me real estate listings every week. I really look forward to it. Yesterday in the email was sent the cutest little house in Annapolis Royal for $79,900. Man, if Mike had a good steady job I think I would have bought it without asking him. We would have used it mostly as a vacation home or a rental. For my birthday we went to Disneyland and this is a picture of my sister Carly and her husband Shad and me. We had a lot of fun and were sure tired afterward. Well, at work they want me to be manager. I said yes that I was interested, but things are going forward without the owners filling me in on much. I actually was going to tell them no yesterday, but they caught me to ask me to help train someone before I could back out. Dang it! I will survive. I always have.