Friday, December 14, 2007

This Will Have To Do

I thought I could be Super Mom and have a Christmas card out. But after taking more than 6 weeks to get Landon's birth announcements out I had to succumb to the idea that no Christmas card was going out this year. So, our blog will have to do.

I am not going to recap this last year as most of you have heard via email or phone of our goings on and if you are really desperate you can read over our blog archives. I will however tell you of our most recent going ons.

Mike - Has just completed his first semester teaching at Wayne State and he really seemed to like it, that makes Hallie happy! Just about a month ago he was asked by the Stake President to be our Branch President. He said yes and we have not stopped running since. In about 2 years time we will take a breath and go on a really long vacation. Mike just received an iPod through work and LOVES it. But most of all he loves being a dad. He won't deny it has taken some getting used to but knows that our forever family is just starting and what lies ahead is exciting.

Hallie - Enjoys spending a lot of her day with Landon. He is so funny! The faces he makes are amazing and recognizing all of his developments makes her marvel. She is definitely lacking in sleep and we realized this when she put a bag of lettuce that was to be used for the Branch Christmas Party in the freezer. We all had a big laugh! At church Hallie is the Branch Family History Consultant which she is still trying to get a grasp of and just recently was called to be the 1st Counselor in Primary. To add to our crazy lives this last Monday Hallie accepted the job to be co-chair of the Families Supporting Adoption Michigan/Pennsylvania Chapter. She has a great co-chair partner and we look forward to what the year will bring. Who knows she may see Pennsylvania before the year is up.

Landon - Boy is he growing fast. People think he is still little and I guess he is because he just passed the weight most babies are born at. He recognizes our faces and he is now over 8 pounds. We have so much fun with him. He had his first Thanksgiving with 20 guests. This coming Friday he will take his second plane trip as we head to California for Christmas. We will spend four days in Northern California with Hallie's brother and his family and then onto Southern California where the grandparents will get to meet their third grandchild. It will be fun for all and good break for Mike and Hallie. Landon will attend his third baby shower and hopefully one day he will understand how truly loved he is. Mom and Poppy took him to Poppy's work today and all of the fun ladies ooh and aah over him.

We have been truly blessed by our Heavenly Father this year and as we choose to stay close to him we know he will continue to look after us.