Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Trip to Nova Scotia, Day 8

Today we headed up to Halifax. The morning started off pretty gloomy, but the fog burned off and the breeze blew the clouds away, and it turned into a gorgeous early summer day. We started off by heading to the temple up in the Dartmouth/Cole Harbour area across a toll bridge from Halifax. The GPS failed to inform us that we needed a toll to cross (three quarters—no nickels or dimes, apparently), and we did not have the right change. Yikes! After attempting to feed nickels and dimes to the hopper, some guy behind us fed it the two quarters we needed, and we were on the road again. Phew! After going to the temple, we went to Bulk Barn, an awesome bulk food store. We trekked across another bridge back to Halifax (with three quarters this time) and headed down to the Historic Properties on the waterfront. We had Cows Ice Cream and then took a leisurely stroll along the water watching the boats and ships and people. The Canadian Navy celebrates its centennial this year (hence the queen’s visit (see Day 6)) and Canada Day is tomorrow, so there were many vessels and flags and patriotic goings on along the water. After exploring a couple of the ships docked at the wharf, we headed up to Dalhousie University and the Citadel (not to be confused with the one we saw in Québec). Finally we drove back to Bridgewater and helped the youth with a fundraising project they have planned for tomorrow. Mike has papers to grade and grades to post, so we headed back home. We made guacamole and seven layer dip and had “a laugh riot,” as Hallie put it. Good times.

At the Halifax Temple.
Crossing the bridge from Dartmouth to Halifax.
At the waterfront.
Theordore Tugboat (kind of like a Canadian Thomas the Train, but on the water).
Decorated dolphin on the wharf.
Another dolphin.
Ships on the water.
Hallie really liked all the flags decorating the ships and boats.
The HMCS Acadia.
Skyline, blue skies, and fluttering flags.
Another wharf shot.
Landon on the Acadia's steering wheel.
Landon being mauled by the Canadian Navy Marine mascot. It appears that he still needs a name.
View of the harbour from the Citadel.
The clock tower. Apparently, it was commissioned by Prince Edward, Duke of Kent (Who? Click the link) to resolve the issue of tardiness among the local residents.
Landon playing with Austin and kids at the Bridgewater meetinghouse.
Hallie and the youth putting pre-prepared cookie mixes in jars together for a fundraiser. Note the efficient assembly line.

No pics of the goings on back at the Dorey home. We don't want any evidence that people can hold against us. . . .

Strong Landon

The kid has some real upper body strength!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Trip to Nova Scotia, Day 7

A week gone already! The weather improved today, and while it was quite overcast, we did not get any rain. We headed out to Lunenburg and Mahone Bay with Austin. On the way down, we stopped at the place selling the brightly colored Adirondack chairs and met the company owner/builder of the chairs. We already own some chairs, but we were able to get some of the brightly colored stain to repaint ours. We continued on to Lunenburg, where we tooled around the brightly colored houses and shops. Lunenburg is the home port of the Bluenose II, a replica of the famous racing schooner featured on the Canadian dime, and the town has the Fisheries Museum of the Atlantic, dedicated to the fishing industry in the province. Mike went to the Royal Canadian Legion and was able to get some Remembrance Day poppies (we’ll wear them around Veteran’s Day). We ran into Amber Jewers, who coincidentally was running some errands, and we all went to Big Red’s for lunch. We then went out to Mahone Bay, where Mike tried in vain to get a good picture of three famous picturesque churches that sit near the shore. Once we got back, we fixed Kraft Dinner, Caribbean Spiced chicken, and Nanaimo bars. “What’s Kraft Dinner?” you may ask if you are not familiar with things Canadian. It’s a particularly delicious pasta dish made with milk, butter, and an included packet of orange cheese powder (If you haven’t guessed, it’s this in the US). Janelle added Cheese Whiz to make it even cheesier. After dinner, Hallie, Landon, and Janelle burned off some extra energy at the local elementary school playground while Mike did some work and visited with the Dorey boys.
Landon and Austin on a giant Adirondack (AKA Muskoka) chair.
The happy trio pose for a shot.
Landon, the fisherman/hockey player.
The boys behind bars at the historic Lunenburg jail.
In front of Big Red's.
Boys with bouys.
Landon getting to know a carriage horse down by the museum.
The Fisheries Museum.
A sign for Farmers Ice Cream. These signs are found all over at little shops and restaurants that sell this yummy ice cream that comes in tons of flavors.
The picture of the three churches that we wanted to get.
A picture of the three churches we did get. Oh well. Could be worse. Photoshop it, maybe?
Landon at the elementary school.
Swinging with Janelle.
Playing on a yard toy. Gotta tap that kid's energy!

Monday, June 28, 2010

Trip to Nova Scotia, Day 6

We woke up to a rainy morning with rain anticipated for the next two days. Queen Elizabeth also happens to be in Nova Scotia (who knew?), and the locals are blaming her for bringing the rain. Nevertheless, we did head out with Kira to Mahone Bay. The rain kept getting worse as the early afternoon wore on, so we just made a quick stop at Amos Pewter and another local store, then we headed to Bridgewater and the local mall. For lunch we ate at King of Donairs (a donair is a Turkish Canadian variation on shawarma or gyro). Then we went to Canadian Tire. Kathy works at Silver's Garage, so we took him by and he got to look at the big trucks being serviced there. We returned to the Doreys with the hope that our touring tomorrow would be less damp. In the mean time, we played Phase 10 and had take out from a DeLong’s Restaurant in New Germany while Bro. and Sis. Dorey attended Janelle’s high school graduation. Congratulations!

Riding a kiddie-sized tractor at the mall.
Outside King of Donairs.
These are medium-sized donairs.
Landon with a big tire at the repair shop.
Standing on a big rig.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Trip to Nova Scotia, Day 5

We went to church this morning in Bridgewater and visited with members we know from the area. After church, we traveled over to Lunenburg, beautiful Lunenburg! Here are some pics:

Photos with Donald and Jim at church.
The sign as we entered Lunenburg, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
Adirondack chairs in bright colors for sale along the road.
Hallie with members of the Jewers family.
The Lunenburg Academy, a local historical landmark, is right down the road.
An example of the many picturesque homes in town.
Another example, complete with flower boxes.
Lunenburg as seen from across the harbour.
Another harber view.
On our way back and forth from New Germany, we have seen these plywood painted flags on the power lines. Pretty neat! The signs change with the holidays.
Here's a close-up.

Later on in the evening, Janelle and Neil Dorey taught us how to play Rook, and we stayed up late chatting. Good times!

Trip to Nova Scotia, Day 4

One more road trip day, and then we finally made it! We traveled over 1500 miles over the last few days, and we are looking forward to significant time out of the car as we visit friends and see the sights in Nova Scotia. Our trip into Bridgewater and New Germany included a GPS recommended side trip down 20 km of gravel road. Grr. But we did finally arrive at Peggys Cove and the Peggys Point Lighthouse (no apostrophes, not sure why), where our car “officially” crossed the entire continent (as did we). What? Well, Grandma Lula’s Buick started its life with us in Utah, it traveled to the edge of the Pacific in California, trekked the I-15 back to Utah, took us to Detroit, and now has taken us to Peggy’s Cove on the Atlantic Coast. Our little Buick has (over its lifetime) crossed North America! From Peggy’s Cove we made our way to the Dorey’s house in New Germany, where we will be staying until Canada Day.

A blueberry man in Oxford, the blueberry capital of Canada.
An antique car, one of several in a caravan we saw in Oxford.
Us at Peggy's Cove Lighthouse.
Landon starts playing this violin in the gift shop like a regular pro!
More of Peggy's Cove.