Thursday, June 24, 2010

Trip to Nova Scotia, Day 1

This year we have set out on a road trip to Atlantic Canada to revisit some of Hallie's old mission haunts and to relive cherished memories from our 2001 trip.

Bright and early, we set out from home to the US-Canadian border at Port Huron. We drove about 500 miles through southern Ontario to Brockville, where we spent the night at the entrance to the St. Lawrence Seaway. Landon was a real trooper in his cozy nest in the back seat. Of course, it helped that he had toys and books and a movie playing on the DVD player (Hallie got one cheap, and it seemed worth the investment). We packed materials to make lunches on the road, and we stopped at a lakeside park in Kingston, gateway to the Thousand Islands region. Landon climbed and slid on the playground equipment while we took in the views of Lake Eire. We traveled through the rolling farmlands along the transition from Lake Erie to the St. Lawrence Seaway. Once we reached Brockville and checked in, Landon splashed around in the pool. The water was a little chilly, but he didn’t seem to mind. Later, we dined at the 1000 Islands Restaurant, a local eatery. Mike got a chance to see the highlights of the US World Cup Soccer game in the evening. GO USA!

Landon enjoying the water in the pool before Papi let him go in.
Landon in front of the 1000 Islands Restaurant.
We stayed in a town named after a Canadian (British North American) hero of the War of 1812.
A local pipe band practicing in a parking lot.

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