Sunday, April 16, 2006

Excitement In Our House

Well this week has been full of great excitement. On Tuesday Mike presented a paper at AERA in San Francisco and I heard he did great! Wednesday Mike defended his proposal for his dissertation and he passed! Thursday Mike turned 33 and we found out that we were approved to continue on with the adoption! We are very excited with all that has gone on in the last week. We can't give out our website information yet as it has not been approved. As soon as it is we will put it out for all to have. I know that you know someone who is in need of putting a child up for adoption or knows someone who knows someone. Let us all play the six degrees of seperation game. We appreciate any help you can give us. If you do know of someone have them contact their local LDS Family Services Agency. We will not be searching for our new child whole heartedly until we come back from Newfoundland as we did not get airline tickets for a baby. So... we know that we are not in charge of the process anymore, but we pray it will work in our favor.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

How Exciting This Day Is

Well Mike is to be on his way home from San Francisco any minute now. The plane was actually to leave 30 min ago but on Uniteds website it said it was running late. That makes me feel bad for him because he has such a big presentation to give tomorrow at school that getting in so late will not be fair to him. I hope he ate before he lives because it will be too late for him to eat when he gets home. I can't wait till he is home and is in my arms and in my bed. We have missed each other so much that this will not happen again. Mike defends his proposal tomorrow and on Thursday he turns 33. April always seems to be a little hectic around this time. I guess it is to make you a better person. Cheers to you all.

Saturday, April 08, 2006

It Is A Sad Day At My House

Michael is in San Francisco until Tuesday evening and I am a basket case. Eating, eating, and eating. I counted the days down till he left thinking I would go and do something wild and crazy. (which that is nothing really) But as the days drew near I started getting weepy eyed more each day. I have now cried several times today especially when I talked to him on the phone. I also have spent some money and watched a movie. That all took up some of my time which was nice. Tomorrow I am going to lay around the house and get the much needed sleep that I have been longing after. Hopefully I will actually be able to sleep through the night.