Saturday, November 28, 2009

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Wonderful Time

We are here in California. It has been sunny with wonderful temperatures since we have come. Mike is working hard, and we are very proud of him. Even though he is under the same roof as us, we don't see him much. It is a bit of a change from Michigan. Landon has been thrilled to be here. Everything we do is a new experience for him. He is saying new words every day and is eating all kind of different recipes. He has even been eating salads! It has taken Landon almost a week to get adjusted to the time change, but now he seems to be almost on track. I am happy because he takes a 3 hour nap every day. I have started reading a good book by Nicholas Sparks, and it is nice to have the screen door open and listen to the wind chime while reading.

The bottom of the piano bench gave way, and Landon wanted to help Grandpa fix it. He can't follow Grandpa fast enough around the house.

Here is Landon with his new bike. Unfortunately his little legs are still a little short for it. But he has fun walking it all over the backyard and even more fun when he gets us to push him "fast" on it.

Here he is on a tractor that is too big for him too. His cute little legs are great for running and climbing, but pedaling has been a challenge for him. But he tries the tractor like Fred Flinstone and he makes it work.

Here we are at the mall playground. There were actually quite a few kids for kind of a small space. It is a newer playground which was nice, and Landon had fun on all of the jungle-themed items.

Who knew you could hug a panther?

Landon of course has been eating well. Today he was treated to Hot Dog On A Stick. He scarfed down the fresh squeezed lemonade and the yummy corn dog.

There will be more to come as we spend tomorrow with Landon's two cousins Haydn and Lucas. We are looking forward to it. Then Mike will be teaching class number 2 via the Internet. We wish him the best.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Out West in Beautiful SoCal

Here I sit in Hallie's parents' backyard enjoying the blue skies and short sleeve weather! We had such a mild summer and pleasant fall in Michigan (no snow before we left, hooray!! The next time we will run into Old Man Winter will be in 2010), and now we get two more mild late fall/early winter months. Spoiled, spoiled, spoiled.

Our flight went smoothly, although Landon is not a fan of those long hours in the air. Not even Cars on DVD could distract him. My dad picked us up from the airport, and we visited with Mom and Dad and cousin Haydn for a bit before heading for Hallie's folks' house.

Once there, we got out Landon's new bike, and even now he is pushing it around. It will take him a bit to get the idea that he should ride it. He and I ate grape tomatoes fresh off the vine in the backyard, and we're all having lemon ginger cake made with lemons straight off the backyard tree. Tomorrow morning we'll have fresh squeezed OJ with Valencias from the other tree before I head down to Anaheim for the UCEA Annual Conference (our reason for coming out now rather than in December). Paradise. Too bad milk is almost $4.00 a gallon and the cheap gas is $2.85 per gallon. I like living in a place where my milk is cheaper than my gas. . . . Anyway, Landon is enjoying playing with his new bike and the other backyard toys, and I must get back to work (cuz while our location has changed, I still have a paycheck and tenure to earn). Hallie will keep you posted of our other SoCal adventures.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

No Time To Explain

Yes, we went to the Henry Ford Museum again! Had a ton of fun and took our friends Tim and Valerie with us. We went specifically to see the Lego Castle Adventure. Landon was a tad too young for it but he still had fun. The highlight of his day was the combine pictured below. He started throw a fit when they got off and when they waited in line a second time he couldn't handle the wait. Not enough to post captions due to getting ready for CA. Drop us a line if you want to know more!

Sunday, November 08, 2009

A Good Day

The title of today's blog comes from a wonderful email we received from my sister-in-law Elise. My brother is serving in Iraq. Today the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints sent Elder Pieper of the 1st Quorum of the Seventy to Iraq. We were told in my brother's letter today that the Church has worked for 6 years to send a representative over. Today Iraq was blessed to become a district. Elder Pieper told the men and women that just because they're in Iraq and may not know the language, they are still shining a light everywhere they go (the soldiers are not allowed to proselyte in Iraq). Bryce's letter truly conveyed his feelings for his family, the Church, and we could feel the Spirit behind what was written. War is not something we want to see happen, but we know that because of it many special and great things can come about.

The rest of the day was good as well. When Mike made it home from church and Landon has awoke from his three hour nap the boys went for a bike ride. Landon looked especially cute today thus the pictures below. The three of us played for a few hours and it was joyful to be together.

We are slowly packing every day to get ready for Christmas Vacation. Mike and I are excited are trying to tell Landon all about what will be happening in about a week's time. I am not sure how much blogging we will get done before we leave, but I am sure we will post plenty of pictures while in California.

Sunday, November 01, 2009

Landon's First Trick or Treat

Here is Landon at a door. He loved following the kids we went with to the door.
Will and Fran (Fran the chair of Mike's dept.) Gave him more than candy. It was Christmas.
It was really windy when we went out as you can tell by the neighbors hair. Landon darts in front of cars for this mother and daughter pair.
As soon as candy went in Landon would try to pull it right back out.
This is Lucky Dolce the dog next door. We call him Lucky, Landon calls him Ucky.
Landon and Miles.
Landon was a sport to wear the same costume again, I know he doesn't know the difference but it was a little too small and so he put on a brave face for the picture.
Eating a hot dog before Landon' night out on the town.
Landon received a great birthday present from Uncle Riley and Aunt Breanne. He really likes the fun coloring books and crayons. Thanks!

Landon and Papi decorating cookies at the Branch Halloween party.

Below is Landon at one of the doors he went to. Landon scored at least 4 full size candy bars.