Sunday, September 30, 2018

September Highlight Reel

We have been up to our regular tricks of travel and gymnastics and school, but we have not done so well lately at posting about our adventures on the blog. Anyway, here’s a highlight reel for September.

Mike stayed not once, but twice at the Daniels Summit Lodge up past Heber City. The first time was for an overnight department retreat.

He even got to ride around in one of these bad boys.

He is also babysitting a fine leather chair for one of his colleagues. Very comfy cozy!

On the last Sunday in August, we went with Grandma and Papa to Grotto Falls off Nebo Loop road.

The area looks nothing like this now, as a mere couple of days later fires swept through the area, burning all of this down. Very sad.

Mike took Landon to his first BYU football game, the home opener vs. Cal Berkeley. Landon had an OK experience but got kind of bored. He wanted food too, but we'd eaten before the game, and Mike didn't want to deal with the crowds. He promised Landon a Cougar Tail the next game we go to.

Eliza went to a Build-a-Bear birthday party with her friend and neighbor. She made a bunny with glasses like she has.

The fires really started burning as the month went along. There's something very disturbing about seeing and smelling all that smoke so relatively close.

We had a little neighborhood get together midway through the month. Mike baked molasses cookies which got gobbled up. We had a rainbow and some little rain. More was needed for the smokey burning hills.

The kids got out the Scrabble game, and we played it a few times. We may have to try it battle royale style to make it really interesting.

Hallie went on a big trip to Nova Scotia toward the end of the month. Aunt Kira got married, and Hallie represented the family while Mike (and several supporting people--Thank You!) held down the fort at home. Hallie got all the yummy Canadian grub the rest of us miss from the area, like poutine.

Kira got married in a converted country barn. So picturesque!

The fall leaves weren't quite ready to turn, but they were on their way.

Another highlight of the trip was going to Oak Island, famed for a (supposed) hidden cursed treasure whose search has claimed six lives (so far). There's even a show about it.

Hallie, Kathy, and Neil went to an interesting sculpture garden too . . .

. . . as well as a lighthouse (not Peggys Cove this time).

And of course, there was more yummy food to be had. All too soon it was time to head back to reality.

Mike had a two-day meeting back up at Daniels Summit during the last week of the month. He was up there as Hallie was flying home from Canada.

Eliza had a two-day gymnastics camp to round out the month. Part of the trip apparently involved dog masks. 

So much has gone unreported and under-reported. Good thing Hallie's active on her Facebook and other social media accounts!