Monday, May 31, 2010

A Great Day to Celebrate!

Happy Memorial Day! We love you Uncle Bryce!

The day started out early and great!! Our neighbors joined us at Greenfield Village Civil War Remembrance Day. It was a bit hot and even a bit more humid today but we all enjoyed ourselves none the less. Lots of walking, frozen custard for the kids, marching bands, Confederate and Union Soldiers, great fly overs for the Dearborn Parade which we were able to catch glimpses of, and lunch was topped off with Hallie's favorite Mac & Cheese. After our celebration we raced home to realize we did not have enough time to do the ribs the way Papa M. told us to do them (T.J. Maxx had some great hat deals for Mike). We found a few recipes that helped us along (thanks Internet) and voila! We had a great BBQ (had to eat indoors thanks to a few thunderstorms) with 2 sets of missionaries. We of course had more food than we knew what to do with and gave some to the neighbors and the missionaries took home lots of homemade Macaroni Salad. The day was topped off when Miles finished blowing up Landon's new whale pool and filling it for us. Landon had a blast playing it and getting us all wet.

Max, Eka, Miles, Landon, Mike, Dawn, and Gabby ( our amazing neighbors )

Dawn and Hallie showing off their mad sewing skills.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Boy's Opinion of His Experience

He wanted more. Good thing it grows out! We'll save the Mohawk for later this summer. . . .

Don't Tell Mami!

Yesterday when Landon was at his tiny tots gym class, one of his little friends came in with his hair buzzed short. The little boy’s mom said her husband had cut their son’s hair over the weekend in preparation for the warm weather. Mike thought, what a great idea! Landon runs hot, so a short cut would make for great air conditioning. So while Hallie was out in Ann Arbor with a friend from the branch, Mike and Landon had some fun with the clippers. Boy, will Mami be surprised when she gets home!
The little munchkin playing in the pool. Little does he know what Papi has planned for him. . . .
"Just a little off the sides, and trim the bangs."
"Or maybe a Mohawk (this is what Mami really wanted Landon to sport!)."
"What are YOU lookin' at, punk?"
"What the heck happened to me?"

After Landon took a nap, he had some homemade ice cream. Delish.

Welcome, summer days! Short pants, short hair, and homemade ice cream can't be beat.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

My Favorite Place

We went to Greenfield Village for Macy's 2nd Monday. It was about farming and we danced around the May Pole. Our friends the Grange's joined us on our excursion and we had a great time. It was a bright day in the midst of several rainy ones lately. Later that day we went to Lowe's where we bought LOTS of dirt so we can start our vegetable garden. It has been a blast to watch the vegetables grow from seeds in the house. Hopefully this third year attempt a garden will be a charm. We even bought a raised bed kit from Sam's Club, cross our fingers. Below are the pictures from our exciting Monday out.

Saturday, May 08, 2010

Mother's Day = Thomas the Train

Let me start off by saying Happy Birthmother's Day Natalie. We are so grateful for what you gave us!

Back in February I bought us tickets to A Day Out With Thomas at Greenfield Village. We even went to a special "Railroaders" breakfast. We had a blast, even with the 30 mph winds and some occasional rains. I believe the day went off on the right foot when we drove into the park we saw a rainbow from one end to the other, magical!

Here we are dancing to music!

For our breakfast we had pancakes, sausage, and juice/chocolate milk.

Here is the amazing band that was playing while we ate. Landon couldn't eat breakfast once he heard them. All he could say was MORE!

The train of the hour right behind us. It was hard to get Landon to look at the camera.

After riding the train we went and did crafts and Landon got a "sticker" on his hand. AKA a tattoo.

Above we heard stories about Thomas. This year Thomas turned 65.

Mike and Landon played in the bubbles. Landon not want to leave.

Our little race car driver. All about speed.

Sir Topham Hat and us. Our last stop before we spent a few $$.