Monday, May 31, 2010

A Great Day to Celebrate!

Happy Memorial Day! We love you Uncle Bryce!

The day started out early and great!! Our neighbors joined us at Greenfield Village Civil War Remembrance Day. It was a bit hot and even a bit more humid today but we all enjoyed ourselves none the less. Lots of walking, frozen custard for the kids, marching bands, Confederate and Union Soldiers, great fly overs for the Dearborn Parade which we were able to catch glimpses of, and lunch was topped off with Hallie's favorite Mac & Cheese. After our celebration we raced home to realize we did not have enough time to do the ribs the way Papa M. told us to do them (T.J. Maxx had some great hat deals for Mike). We found a few recipes that helped us along (thanks Internet) and voila! We had a great BBQ (had to eat indoors thanks to a few thunderstorms) with 2 sets of missionaries. We of course had more food than we knew what to do with and gave some to the neighbors and the missionaries took home lots of homemade Macaroni Salad. The day was topped off when Miles finished blowing up Landon's new whale pool and filling it for us. Landon had a blast playing it and getting us all wet.

Max, Eka, Miles, Landon, Mike, Dawn, and Gabby ( our amazing neighbors )

Dawn and Hallie showing off their mad sewing skills.

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