Saturday, May 08, 2010

Mother's Day = Thomas the Train

Let me start off by saying Happy Birthmother's Day Natalie. We are so grateful for what you gave us!

Back in February I bought us tickets to A Day Out With Thomas at Greenfield Village. We even went to a special "Railroaders" breakfast. We had a blast, even with the 30 mph winds and some occasional rains. I believe the day went off on the right foot when we drove into the park we saw a rainbow from one end to the other, magical!

Here we are dancing to music!

For our breakfast we had pancakes, sausage, and juice/chocolate milk.

Here is the amazing band that was playing while we ate. Landon couldn't eat breakfast once he heard them. All he could say was MORE!

The train of the hour right behind us. It was hard to get Landon to look at the camera.

After riding the train we went and did crafts and Landon got a "sticker" on his hand. AKA a tattoo.

Above we heard stories about Thomas. This year Thomas turned 65.

Mike and Landon played in the bubbles. Landon not want to leave.

Our little race car driver. All about speed.

Sir Topham Hat and us. Our last stop before we spent a few $$.


Bettina said...

Looks like and AWESOME day! We're sure going to miss Greenfield Village.

carly said...

does look like a lot of fun. good thing cru doesn't know what he missed out on!

Aimee said...

That looks so fun! I bet Landon LOVED it.

Helena said...

What a fun day!