Monday, September 10, 2007

In Memoriam -- Alison Erin Owens, 1978-2007

Mike's sister, Alison, passed away in her sleep on Sunday, September 2, 2007. This has been a somber time for our family. People who knew Alison understood her to be a complex, complicated, and deeply loving person who will be deeply missed. As a family, we wrote a letter to her in memoriam:

Our Dearest Alison,

We feel that you are with us today, and we wanted to tell you a few things as we mark your passing from this world. Each of us has written a little something here that we wanted to share.

From Dad: “Heavenly Father has given us each talents to find and develop, and burdens to endure. He never gives us more that we can handle. This life is a series of ups and downs. How we handle them makes us what we will become. To make it easier, we're given a set of rules books and hints (scriptures and direction from our Prophet) that can make the burden much easier. Life without trials and tribulations isn't possible, but with the guidance available as members of the Church, it makes it easier for us to face the trials and tribulations of the world. I think that the reason that you are no longer with us is that Heavenly Father felt that you had suffered enough in this world, and that to ease your suffering, He took you home.”

From Mom: “I will miss her daily phone calls, her sense of humor, her willingness to always help when it was needed. Alison was trying daily to improve herself and do positive things in life. Alison had a terrific talent and ability to write, and she loved reading and writing. She was thoughtful and caring and loved giving to others. I will miss her.”

From Emily: “You were my little big sister. I could always go to you for anything, even when that meant getting your big strong opinion and advice about what I should do. You were always there for me, and you understood where I was coming from. You supported me in my decisions.”

From Amber: “Alison was a great sister. She wore her heart on her sleeve and you knew exactly where you stood with her. She was always there as a shoulder to cry on. She loved being an aunt and was a great help for me when Haydn was a baby. If I had questions about work, she was right there to give me advice about what to do or who to go to. Her death has left a big hole both at home and at Countrywide.”

From Haydn: “I loved having Alison as an aunt. She bought me toys for her house that I could play with. She played games with me, and I miss her a lot.”

From Michael: “Alison, I will miss you. As I was waking up one morning this week, you were on my mind. I was thinking about how maybe people are like stars. So many of us burn yellow like the Sun. We’re steady. We live to a ripe old age, and not to say we’re ordinary, but we don’t burn with the same ardor of those blue stars out there. You are one of those blue stars. While you were here, you burned hot and bright. You lived every day with such intensity. And like those blue stars, your flame went out a little earlier than the rest of ours. You will always leave your mark seared into my soul.”

We want you to know that many people mourn your passing here with us today, and we want to thank them for supporting us and honoring you during this difficult time. We want to repeat how much we love you and will miss you. You remain here with us in our broken hearts.


Your Family