Saturday, July 29, 2006

Another Summer Program (Nearly) Done!

What started out as the anticipated summer that would not end has begun, inevitably, to draw to a close. This picture shows the cover of this years Upward Bound Magazine. The program directors chose the Renaissance as the theme this year, and the students then interpreted that theme in the magazine/yearbook. Once again, they have done phenomenal work. This year we anticipate being able to print the whole thing magazine-style and in full color. English composition was more of a challenge this year than in past years, and the rising seniors have shown less willingness to accept repsonsibility for the tone and example they set. This is the first time I have noticed the effect the older/more experienced students (and the effect older newcomers who have not been socialized to the expectations of the program) have on the younger/less experienced students and students who seem less certain of who they are. These observations probably come as a result of my pouring over the data I have collected (I have to pretend I am actually learning something), but they have value beyond detatched academic applications. I wonder what changes I would (could?) make if I ran the program, and I wonder whether I would even see what I see as a teacher from the administrator's desk. Perspective is everything.
In other news, at the end of August, Hallie will start working 1:00 - 5:30. She is looking forward to it because she feels she is more motivated in the mornings. It is also just about seven weeks until we head to Newfoundland. (Now Hallie is writing.) A lot of people in the ward have donated many books for the cause. I am so grateful for it. But before we get ahead of ourselves with Newfoundland we are going to spend Labor Day weekend in Yellowstone and Hallie is so excited. Today we tried a little eatery that shares a space with a pottery shop. It was quite good. A little pricey, but we had a ton of food left over. We ordered a meatball sandwich and a Philly Cheesestake. The place is called Moochie's, and it is here in SLC. We shared a yummy piece of chocolate cake, too! It is a place we will definitely bring visitors to. BTW, check out our myspace site.

Sunday, July 16, 2006

A Little Disheartened, But Yet Excited!

So we met with our social worker at LDS Family Services a few weeks ago. No one has looked at our profile as of yet. I am still waiting for the man above to show me why we are going through all of this. After church today I have decided at least for the day that I don't have a lot of patience. I guess it was just one of those days. The longer you wait for a child the more comfortable you get with not having any.
The excitement for us is the time away we will have come September. We are extremely busy right now. Mike is working 10 hours for the University of Utah, 40 hours for Upward Bound and doing all of his interviews for his dissertation. I don't see him much. Sundays are hard because I know he will be gone again come tomorrow. We are stuck together at the hip. Come September Mike and I will be going to Yellowstone for the Labor Day holiday. I am so excited about going. I hear so many wonderful things about his natural wonder. I am excited to relax and to take it all in. September 14-28 we will be heading to Newfoundland, Canada. I can't even contain myself when I talk about going. I can't read enough about it or do enough research about going. I wan to see all of the nooks and crannies. I want to meet the friendly people and I want to live the culture. We are gathering childrens books at church to donate to congregations on the island. Today there were so many books I barely made it home with them. A nice girl helped me carry them home. I think it is so great that people have been so willing to donate. I hope they will enjoy them There are some very nice books.
The air is finally working at my job. It was a miserable 3 weeks with no air. Some people who worked upstairs could not handle it. I felt bad for them. Now it works so well we get goose bumps. I will take goose bumps any day.
Well I guess that is all from me for now. I want to go have some ice cream before it is time for bed. Early to bed early to rise is our motto. If you know anyone send them to the link below for our adoption profile. Bye for now.