Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Time to Leave, A First, and A Favorite

Some of these pictures are repeats and I apologize for that. On Sunday, the 19th we had to capture a few things and as always lots of things were happening. In the morning we said good bye to Elise, Lily, and Emerson. It was time for them to go home and we were sad to see them leave. We all had fun and really enjoyed being around them. We love them and pray for them and their well being while their Daddy is in Georgia til July.
We quickly headed out to Simi Valley where we attended church with Mike's family. It was a very nice service and there Landon attended his first official day at Nursery. For Easter we gave him his first bow tie. Landon and Papi and buddies for sure now. Every time Hallie checked on him he was doing great. By the end of the three hours he was tired and was being held by the leader and was very mellow. We ended the day with a lovely meal at Mike's parents home where Landon was able to play a bit with his cousins Haydn and Lucas. Afterwards Mike had the opportunity to get his birthday kite up in the air. Mike has favorite memories of flying kites when he was younger. I am so glad we found a kite shop at Seaport Village. 

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Santa Barbara and Smores

So, the pictures are a little out of order. I am not so great at loading the pictures. At the bottom you will see that our fun day started out at the Santa Barbara Farmers Market with Landon being the talk of the town. We then headed for the beach where we packed a great picnic lunch. Thanks Elise for thinking of Chicken Salad Sandwiches. We were so posh! The kids had a blas playing in the sand, the freezing water, and find tiny sand crabs. In the evening we had Smores over the backyard fire. Diamond had never made Smores or roasted marshmallows before. It was fun watching her do it and sometiems even more fun watching people teach her.

Mike, Grandpa M., Elise, and Grandma M. Roasting Smores.
Diamond, Grandma M. Lily, Mike and Landon on their way back from a walk down the beach.

Three of the cutest kids. We wish Cru was with us. We will get him for sure at Christmas. They played so well together.
Keeping Landon still on a rock was the hardest thing to do. He is so busy all he wanted to do was get off.  Great outfit from Children's Place the day before. Love their clearance racks.

Lily loves to pose for the camera. She is so dang cute!
Emerson decided he wanted to take it easy today in the stroller.

Too cool for words.

San Diego

We love the San Diego Temple. The weather was amazing this day. We enjoyed spending some time walking the grounds.

San Diego was amazingly beautiful. Wish we had a lot more time. The one attraction we wanted to go to was closed, a bit of a bummer. But oh well. One of Hallie's favorite places is Hotel del Coronado. It is massive and beautiful. They have a shop that Hallie could spend all day in. We loved seeing the ocean and letting Landon play in the bushes where he was not supposed to. What is a parent to do, but take a picture.

Mike and Landon on the boardwalk at Seaport Village.

After our last swimming incident, Hallie thought she should buy floaties for Landon. It was a good thought, but they did not work. He went in face first anyway. At least he is a good sport.

Newport Beach Temple

Diamond was so excited to be able to see the temples while in California. Here are a few of the shots of the four of us at the Newport Beach Temple.

Candids of Landon

Here are a few pics of Landon just being himself. He was definitely his normal self in California, always busy.

One of the few times we will be able to capture Landon asleep.
Grandpa and Landon hanging out. Landon said Grandpa while we were there, and Grandpa heard it. Landon has not even said Papi yet so Grandpa M. was pretty lucky.
Landon was so excited to see all of the different toys at his grandparent's home and he had a blast.

His new toy, a water bottle. Nothing kept him as occupied as a water bottle.

Haydn and Landon being characters. Haydn was a great big cousin. Wish Landon could play with him more often.
Landon relaxing in Grandpa and Grandma M's backyard. He belongs in Cali.
A clean spot to play in the dirt in the backyard. Thank goodness at least in this photo he has decided not to eat the dirt.

L.A. Photos

We did so many fun things in California we thought we would share with you more of the photos that we had taken.

The Kodak Theatre is where they hold award shows and the finale of American Idol.
Grauman's Chinese Theatre where the stars cast their hand and feet prints and where the Hollywood Walk of Fame is located.
As we were driving we saw the cool Beverly Hills sign so Mike's mom indulged Diamond and me and stopped long enough for us to run and have a tourist take our pictures while we took his.

Landon loved his ice cream sandwich here. It is definitely a Maygren family favorite.
The flowers at the Los Angeles Temple were amazing! My photos don't capture it. But, boy what a perfect day to be there.

Landon taking a break.

You can never have enough pictures and who knows when the right one will come. We also don't have many with Mike's family so we are so glad Sue came with us on some of our adventures so we could get her picture. Thanks Sue!