Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Love Equals Danger

So the title of the blog reflects only the first picture, which is not the greatest of pictures. So, my love is of candles. Most times I take a shower and burn a small one to represent my "Calgon moment". Today was one of those days. I had not yet gotten ready for my shower but the candle was burning, Mike was home and I decided to do one more thing before going in the bathroom. That one more thing took me upstairs which in turn left the candle unattended. You can figure out the rest. Landon now has this dumb band-aid (that did not last long) on because his finger blistered from the hot wax. The nurse at the Dr.'s office said to run it under cold water, keep it clean, and try to keep him from opening the blister. Hah! That will be the biggest challenge. Landon never even shed a tear. He is so good and Mami felt so bad. :( 

This afternoon we went to our first Easter Egg Hunt. It was held at Windmill Pointe Park and it was perfect weather for such a thing. They had the park decorated for all of the kids.

Here is Mike and Landon waiting for our turn. They had each group color coded by the bag they gave you.

The kids were entertained before their hunt by the Merry Music Maker. She was a lot of fun. Landon was a bit tired so he was not quite so fond of the idea.

Here is Landon's first attempt at picking up a plastic egg. He was left hand dominant due to his injury.

Landon is looking down in this picture but it is a far better picture than last year's attempt at Costco. Landon loved the Easter Bunny and even tried going up before his turn.

They had a small petting zoo at the park. It was fun to see the baby lambs, rabbits, and a chicken. It was even cuter watching Landon with them.

That is all for now. Hopefully we will be able to post from sunny Southern California. We are so very excited to see grandparents and cousins. We look forward to showing Diamond all that we love about Cali.

An update on our adoption #2 attempt. We have now finished every piece of paperwork we are personally responsible for. Hallie had to have a psych evaluation on Monday to make sure we were not all crazies and she passed with flying colors. It was a crazy day to go to Ann Arbor and thank heavens Mike was home as the total trip was 5 1/2 hours and it was snowing the whole time. Hallie will admit having some quiet time in the car was a pleasure. Our file will now be given to a caseworker who will come and do our home study. Doing this a second time around sure is less nerve wracking (especially since we know our caseworker so well). We are looking forward to having Courtney come into our home and more importantly we can't wait for the day we are approved so that the birth parent for us will find us. We pray for her every day.


carly said...

you guys do such fun things! i hope we do half as many things with Cru as you guys do!

Anonymous said...

Poor Landon. I am however glad that you had a great time at the Easter Egg Hunt.

disabilitydiva said...

So sorry for Landon! Even more sorry for your Mama heart. What a fun egg hunt! The weather looked beautiful. You know how I feel about your adoption. You are in our prayers!!