Sunday, April 26, 2009

Santa Barbara and Smores

So, the pictures are a little out of order. I am not so great at loading the pictures. At the bottom you will see that our fun day started out at the Santa Barbara Farmers Market with Landon being the talk of the town. We then headed for the beach where we packed a great picnic lunch. Thanks Elise for thinking of Chicken Salad Sandwiches. We were so posh! The kids had a blas playing in the sand, the freezing water, and find tiny sand crabs. In the evening we had Smores over the backyard fire. Diamond had never made Smores or roasted marshmallows before. It was fun watching her do it and sometiems even more fun watching people teach her.

Mike, Grandpa M., Elise, and Grandma M. Roasting Smores.
Diamond, Grandma M. Lily, Mike and Landon on their way back from a walk down the beach.

Three of the cutest kids. We wish Cru was with us. We will get him for sure at Christmas. They played so well together.
Keeping Landon still on a rock was the hardest thing to do. He is so busy all he wanted to do was get off.  Great outfit from Children's Place the day before. Love their clearance racks.

Lily loves to pose for the camera. She is so dang cute!
Emerson decided he wanted to take it easy today in the stroller.

Too cool for words.

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disabilitydiva said...

What a beautiful templ!! Aw I think they wouldn't mind a cutie like Landon wading in the refleciotn pool. SO with you LOVE LOVE LOVE children's place clothes!! You need to tell me more about Dimond..