Sunday, April 26, 2009

All Dressed Up and Nowhere to Go - And Other Stuff

This weekend we had great weather here in Michigan. Friday for Mike's lunch break we took a picnic to the park and flew the kites. The moment Mike took his out of the bag up it went. The wind was so strong that it kept the kite way up high for a long time. Landon enjoyed running around and all of us got a little sun.

Saturday, Hallie was off to Kalamazoo at 7:00 am to help with an adoption training. There was a good turnout and it was a nice time. Rained a lot! Wished I had more time to have checked out Kalamazoo. After being gone all day I wanted to get back home to see Mike and Landon and got back shortly after 5:00. After Landon woke up we spent almost 2 hours outside playing with the neighbors dog and a ball Landon found. He LOVES balls. Landon was quite dirty by the time we went in. He ate dinner, had a bath, and then it was time for bed.

Today was to be Landon's first official day at Nursery. But as the morning went and we finished getting him dressed we realized he had a fever and did not want Mike to put him down. So we decided it was not a good day to start Nursery. I am sure other parents would be happy that we did not send him. We will save his bow tie and hat for another Sunday. :(
Landon below at the Junior High play field where Mike took him to fly kites while Hallie was in Kalamazoo.
It is that time again to start mowing lawns. This year Landon thought he should try to help. His helping did not last long.

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