Thursday, April 02, 2009

A Few Photos, Trip Not Finished

I figured if I did not start now I would not have enough time to do some good posts before we leave for California. The days have been long but filled with new adventures every day. I will write a caption below most of the photos as to give you a bit of an idea of what is going on.

Here is a picture of Landon and Hallie at a rest stop in North Carolina. This kid loves sticks. He could not get anymore in his hands. Everyone at the rest stop ate him up. He was so funny.

Landon went swimming with the cousins. He loved it! So much that he decided to go off the step by himself and went face first in the water. Oh my heart stopped for a second.

Here is Elise with the kids in the pool. She is so good with them.

The three cousins together. How cute are they. You just want to hug them all!
Our soldier giving his little boy a hug. Emerson was not quite sure who this was. Bryce looked good and is sick, again!
Here is Lily and Emerson with their Dad. He loves them so much!
Lily is always the big sister, even to Landon. He didn't mind as long as he could have his rocks and sticks.
Emerson and the ground made friends a bit. He was not too happy about it.

This is inside the Solomon Center on base. If the weather is bad this is where graduation will be held.
Lily loved to push Landon in the stroller. Landon lost his pants after they became quite wet. It rained quite a bit today and we put up with it and enjoyed ourselves.
Here is our group. We went to the Main PX and of course had to buy cheaper things that did not have tax. 
Here is peanut in the car on the way back to the hotel. He was babbling away. When he has his legs pulled up he fits just inside the seat. Bryce could not get over how light and small he was. Tomorrow is graduation and we are looking forward to it. We will cross our fingers that the weather will be better. Then we are headed home. Landon has not slept too well at night so we may end our trip early. Our trip has been fast and boy Hallie sure wishes she could spend time at all of the malls we have seen and especially at the one next door to our hotel.


Aimee said...

I like how you guys have been posting along the way. It sure makes me wish I was on vacation too!

carly said...

shads worried about bryce's ssn being on the internet on his dog tag pictures :) he wants you to take them off!

but the rest of the pictures are so cute