Sunday, April 26, 2009

L.A. Photos

We did so many fun things in California we thought we would share with you more of the photos that we had taken.

The Kodak Theatre is where they hold award shows and the finale of American Idol.
Grauman's Chinese Theatre where the stars cast their hand and feet prints and where the Hollywood Walk of Fame is located.
As we were driving we saw the cool Beverly Hills sign so Mike's mom indulged Diamond and me and stopped long enough for us to run and have a tourist take our pictures while we took his.

Landon loved his ice cream sandwich here. It is definitely a Maygren family favorite.
The flowers at the Los Angeles Temple were amazing! My photos don't capture it. But, boy what a perfect day to be there.

Landon taking a break.

You can never have enough pictures and who knows when the right one will come. We also don't have many with Mike's family so we are so glad Sue came with us on some of our adventures so we could get her picture. Thanks Sue!

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