Sunday, September 29, 2013

Surprise Visits, Helping Hands, and Inspiring Words of Support

Monday, September 23 – Late Sunday night, our friend from church Marshadae and her son Myron came by for an overnight slumber party. He looks cute in Eliza’s pink PJs. Too bad we didn’t get pictures to ensure that Marcus behaves himself (or else) sometime down the road! After we picked up the Kia from the shop, Hallie and Marshadae spent most of the day together getting her situated with help from some branch members and ladies from the Moms Club. By the evening, everyone was settled into their new home.

The kids are making progress in school. Landon has reviewed the sight words a, I, am, see, and the, the numbers 1-10, and the letters A through P. Eliza is becoming a little chatterbox as she continues learning to use nouns to describe what she wants and works on her gross and fine motor skills.  

He said to say this reads, "I love Mom. I did this in kindergarten. I love Dad."

A proof of his kindergarten photo

Tuesday, September 24 – We had a full day of school and work and errands to run. Eliza spent part of the day with Nadia having fun tooling around in the car with Hallie.

Wednesday, September 25 – Eliza went to speech, but both kids missed their afternoon activities. Mike helped at a yard clean-up service project in the late afternoon until dusk, and then he spotted Hallie as she attended Eliza’s Back-to-School night.

Thursday, September 26 – Another pretty routine day. After we dropped off the kids, we were able to go to the gym. Then Mike worked and Hallie took care of business for the home, including a Costco run.
Sibling love among the bulk mayonnaise jars

Mike had a visitor to his office window during class. Maybe it was attracted by the snowflake. 

Friday, September 27 – Hallie had several activities in the morning after she took Eliza to school. Mike mostly graded papers and did other school work. Then they both had visits for church. After some time riding in the back alley, pizza, and a movie in the evening, Dad took the kids out camping in the back yard. Hallie slept well in the house tonight. Mike, not so much. Happily, however, he did sleep better than the last campout.
Catching some air

Let the party begin!

Saturday, September 28 – Hallie took Landon to a make-up gymnastics class for the one he missed Wednesday. This might be a better day to do the class generally! Eliza kept Mike entertained with LEGO creations. 

We got a bit of a scare when a sister from Diamond's mission called to say Diamond was in the ER with what could be a gall bladder infection. 

Later on, Mike took the kids down to Landon’s school for the Defer F4 (Fall Family Fun Festival) Fundraiser (should it be F5 then?) while Hallie helped out Marshadae with some paperwork.

Not many kindergartners can ring the bell. This one can! 

Hallie, Marshadae, and the kids later went to the Salvation Army store to price out beds and couches for Marshadae’s new apartment. After everyone got home, we had a big spaghetti dinner and then the ladies watched the General Relief Society Meeting broadcast while Mike helped get the kids settled down for bed. 

Sunday, September 29 – After such beautiful weather all week long, we woke to red skies and the threat of rain from the west. After church, we had on-and-off showers for the rest of the day and spent a quiet day indoors at home. The kids had a harder time than usual keeping from getting into each other’s business. At least the cat was quiet and well-behaved. Jen came by in the afternoon with fun owl cupcakes for dessert. Thanks! 

Not only a chocolate mustache, but a goatee to boot!

Sunday, September 22, 2013

One Job Done, Another Begun, and Renaissance Fun

We celebrated Hallie ending one job, beginning a new endeavor, and watching the kids make progress in school and on the field of battle. Hip, Hip, Huzzah!

Monday, September 16 – Hallie worked while Mike got the kids ready and off to school this morning. In the evening, Hallie went babysitting, and she took Eliza with for fun. Mike and Landon came to join the party later in the evening. We are sure more happened during the day but must not have been so thrilling since we can’t remember what it was.

Mapping Landon's route to and from school

He discovered that Maryland Street has part of his name in it: MaryLAND! Also, the route home from school look like the letter L. Smart kid, this one. 

Tuesday, September 17 – Mike walked Landon to school and then Hallie and Eliza picked him up on their way to take Eliza to school. After dropping Eliza off, Hallie and Mike attended Cardio Drumming. No one showed up for class except for Hallie, and Mike was awesome for attending so she would not be there by herself.  Mike then dropped Hallie off at her doctor appointment before going back to get Eliza (taxi driver, this guy is). Hallie has had a cough for two weeks with no other symptoms. The doctor didn’t really know what was wrong but gave her an antibiotic to try and an inhaler. We will just have to wait and see now. After picking up Eliza, Mike picked Hallie back up and then finally headed off to work. Hallie and the kids slowly drove each other crazy until Mike finally got home and wrangled the beasties to bed.

Wednesday, September 18 – When Hallie opened her eyes at 3:45 this morning, Mike said, “Only one more day!” Hallelujah!!!!” 3:45 AM is really not a time people should be awake. Landon had school, and Eliza had speech. Mike had a few appointments up at school, and so he was chauffeured there by his lovely wife and daughter on their way to speech and picked up later that afternoon. In the evening Eliza had swimming and Landon had gymnastics, so the parents split chauffeur duties. Hallie was so excited two weeks ago when there were only three students in Landon’s class. Now there are 6 or 8. Oh, well. He had fun, and that is what matters.
Sample of Eliza's school work

Helping Mom choose glasses

Big girl Eliza ready to swim!

Thursday, September 19 – Mike had meeting and a class to teach this day. The kids had school, and Hallie had a lazy day under a palm tree. Ha, ha, ha! Sounds like fun, but that is not what she did. Hallie and the kids went grocery shopping after school for her Thirty-One kickoff party.  The kids had a lot of fun riding in a car-shaped shopping cart carrying on like lunatics. A lady reminded Hallie to cherish these moments because they don’t last long. Hallie was grateful for her reminder.
One of Mike's students brought him this amazing souvenir mosaic from Tunisia.  

Friday, September 20 – Today was Hallie’s last day at the Neighborhood Club. The morning ended up being surprising to her. Several of the members brought gifts and cards for her. Many stopped by with positive words for her before they left, and one of the trainers called to wish her the best. Hallie is grateful we live in the community so she will have the opportunity to see them again. While Hallie was gone Mike got Landon off to school. Eliza stayed home with a cold. Then after work Hallie headed over to a woman’s house who gave the kids a great assortment of clothes. After leaving, Hallie jetted over to pick up Brittany who volunteered to come help clean and make food for Hallie’s Thirty-One get together that evening. We are grateful for those ladies who came to the party and helped Hallie get started in this new endeavor.
Screen shot from Landon's school blog. He's on the far left. 

Saturday, September 21 – Mike let Hallie sleep in for a bit to make up for the last 9 months of early mornings. Then the whole family dropped the Kia off at the dealership for a checkup on a lame battery (turned out to need replacing). Following that, we all headed to Holly, where we partook of the fun the Michigan Renaissance Festival. This is our third year attending the festival, and every year we do it different and have equal fun.  The turkey leg (shared between the four of us, that is how big it was) tasted amazing! On our way home we stopped by the Somerset Collection to get Landon a new pair of sneakers at Stride Rite, and then of course had to peek in at the Lego store. Everyone was extremely tired and worn out by the time we got home that night.
Prepping for the long bow competition

Catching the cheese. Not sure why. The Pied Piper made sure Eliza got a chance to catch it too. Very thoughtful!

Making magic wands

Teaching the other kids about hanging on the swings
 Part of the kids' day was spent learning how to become knights:

Queen Elizabeth knighted them both. Presenting Lord Landon and Dame Eliza!

Fall is in the air! 

Sunday, September 22 – Mike left early for his regular meetings. Hallie stayed home with the kids, as Eliza still had her cold. When Mike got home, you would have had no idea that Eliza was still sick the way she carried on. Hallie picked up another babysitting job for a little girl named Nadia. Hallie and Eliza may be hanging out with Nadia up to three days a week. The girls are only 2 months different in age. The missionaries (who Eliza is obsessed with) showed up unannounced not unusual and we chatted about a few things that they needed. Sister Decker has her foot in a boot as she may have detached some muscles when she got hit by a softball and Sister Sorensen looks so much better from the cold she has been struggling through. The kids were bouncing off the walls while they were here. Of course, the moment they left, Eliza sat on Mike’s lap and fell right to sleep, her cold having finally caught back up with her. One of us will be paying the price tonight when she wakes up, since it was only 4:30 PM when she crashed. Hallie doesn’t have to get up for work, so maybe it can be her turn!

Dad is Fergus's favorite warm place to sleep.

Landon made a mask just because he could. Go, him!