Sunday, November 11, 2018

Mostly About Eliza This Week

Eliza took the spotlight this week.

She wrote a note to Diamond and Caleb (we still need to send it!).

She got caught reading again! Hallie was a little too slow to catch the good part, but Eliza is really catching on and it is so very exciting.

She got her hair cut quite short! Thanks to Brook at Urban Retreat in Salem. Eliza woke up on Thursday morning asking if she could get her haircut. Hallie said it wouldn't be able to happen today but maybe soon. Well, at 2:30 Hallie called the salon and Brook made it possible. Eliza was so excited to show everyone and she is loving it!

She showed her gratitude at the Thankful Turkey at Air Time! See if you can spot her feather.

Eliza's class participated in making a banner for Red Ribbon Week! The big week is this coming week.

She got her backpack embroidered!

Friday after school Eliza went to gymnastics while Landon had a rare day off. Good for him since he was barfing. Hallie picked Eliza up early from gymnastics and took her to a birthday party. Eliza had so much fun. We as a family are grateful for good friends and those that love our children.

Mom got a surprise made for her for Christmas at the Operation Underground Railroad event at Legends Motorcycles!

We sure love you, Eliza Jane!

Today was the Primary Program at church. Nearly all 200 kids participated in the program, including Landon and Eliza. We are grateful to have Grandpa and Grandma M. in attendance and to see the kids do a great job on their parts and singing.

We also honored our Veterans and our service members who have fallen. This has been a difficult week with hearing about and seeing the news of first the shootings at the Borderline and then the Hill and Woolsey Fires near where we used to live. Our hearts go out to our friends and others in the area who are going through so much loss.

Sunday, November 04, 2018

Halloween Happenings

Catching up on a couple of weeks to round out October and start into November. 

Mike joined Eliza on a field trip with her second grade class to the Scera Theatre. We saw How I Became a Pirate, a musical play based on the book by the same name. 

Eliza got caught reading!

Hallie and the kids went to the annual Adoption Walk with Me walk in Salt Lake.

We celebrated Landon's birthday that night at Red Robin.

Then Landon had a birthday cake. Happy Birthday, Big Man!

He got this sweet blanket to wake up in on his actual birthday.

The fifth grade had a "wax museum" in the auditorium. The other kids got to interact with the fifth graders who portrayed famous Americans. Landon was Henry Ford.

Eliza carved a Jack O'Lantern and then went to a Dia de los Muertos celebration in West Valley City with Dad while Mom and Landon went to the football game.

Mike and Eliza then went to visit departed family members in the Salt Lake area.

Coming back home, we met Frank at Smith's.

Then it was Halloween. Boo-ooo!

The day started with a class party for Eliza that included custom donuts from Daylight Donuts.

The kids had a parade.

We then went trick-or-treating in Provo, first on Center Street, and then at LaVelle Edwards Stadium.

(Notice that Eliza had time to change costumes. Go big for Halloween, or go home!)