Sunday, April 26, 2009

Candids of Landon

Here are a few pics of Landon just being himself. He was definitely his normal self in California, always busy.

One of the few times we will be able to capture Landon asleep.
Grandpa and Landon hanging out. Landon said Grandpa while we were there, and Grandpa heard it. Landon has not even said Papi yet so Grandpa M. was pretty lucky.
Landon was so excited to see all of the different toys at his grandparent's home and he had a blast.

His new toy, a water bottle. Nothing kept him as occupied as a water bottle.

Haydn and Landon being characters. Haydn was a great big cousin. Wish Landon could play with him more often.
Landon relaxing in Grandpa and Grandma M's backyard. He belongs in Cali.
A clean spot to play in the dirt in the backyard. Thank goodness at least in this photo he has decided not to eat the dirt.

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