Monday, April 20, 2009

Trip to California, Part 1

Mike gets to attend and present at research conferences as part of his job. We have been fortunate enough to get to go together on a few of his trips and build in a little vacation on either end. In April, he had a conference in San Diego, which is just a few hours down the road from where we both grew up, so we took the weekends before and after the trip to visit with family and see some of our favorite places. We brought our friend Diamond with us so she could have a taste of the beautiful place we used to call home.

By the time we finished our flight, Landon was DONE. Hallie's parents picked us up at the airport and took the Malibu route to their house. California showed off her springtime best: green hills, blooming flowers, and beautiful weather. We enjoyed driving along the beach and along the rolling canyon roads. 
On Saturday, Mike's mom took us down to LA, where we visited the temple grounds. We also went to Grauman's Chinese Theatre, the Hollywood Walk of Fame, and Diddy Riese Cookies (home of the famous $1.50 cookie & ice cream sandwich). 

On our way down to San Diego on Monday, we stopped by the Newport Beach temple grounds. Landon had fun playing in the fountain (Bad Landon! Bad, Bad Landon! Er, I mean Bad Mike! Bad, Bad Mike!)

While Mike attended classes, Hallie, Diamond, and Landon kicked back at the pool and enjoyed the sights in San Diego. Mike even managed to stop by and say hi between sessions. 

On our last day in San Diego, we stopped by the Hotel Del Coronado and the San Diego temple. We got into LA just in time for rush hour. No trip to Southern California is complete without a couple of hours stuck in traffic (ugh). 

By the time we got back to Hallie's parents' house, Landon's cousins had come down to visit. More to follow. . . .


The Michiganders said...

Sounds like fun!

Riley and Breanne said...

Oh, how much fun you must have had! I love Diddy Reese, sooo good!