Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Don't Tell Mami!

Yesterday when Landon was at his tiny tots gym class, one of his little friends came in with his hair buzzed short. The little boy’s mom said her husband had cut their son’s hair over the weekend in preparation for the warm weather. Mike thought, what a great idea! Landon runs hot, so a short cut would make for great air conditioning. So while Hallie was out in Ann Arbor with a friend from the branch, Mike and Landon had some fun with the clippers. Boy, will Mami be surprised when she gets home!
The little munchkin playing in the pool. Little does he know what Papi has planned for him. . . .
"Just a little off the sides, and trim the bangs."
"Or maybe a Mohawk (this is what Mami really wanted Landon to sport!)."
"What are YOU lookin' at, punk?"
"What the heck happened to me?"

After Landon took a nap, he had some homemade ice cream. Delish.

Welcome, summer days! Short pants, short hair, and homemade ice cream can't be beat.


disabilitydiva said...

Oh Landon in a mohawk! LOL Good idea for the warm weather but oh his hair!!

carly said...

oh em geee.

The Kalcichs said...

I love it! It would've been great to see him walk into church with a mohawk!