Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Wonderful Time

We are here in California. It has been sunny with wonderful temperatures since we have come. Mike is working hard, and we are very proud of him. Even though he is under the same roof as us, we don't see him much. It is a bit of a change from Michigan. Landon has been thrilled to be here. Everything we do is a new experience for him. He is saying new words every day and is eating all kind of different recipes. He has even been eating salads! It has taken Landon almost a week to get adjusted to the time change, but now he seems to be almost on track. I am happy because he takes a 3 hour nap every day. I have started reading a good book by Nicholas Sparks, and it is nice to have the screen door open and listen to the wind chime while reading.

The bottom of the piano bench gave way, and Landon wanted to help Grandpa fix it. He can't follow Grandpa fast enough around the house.

Here is Landon with his new bike. Unfortunately his little legs are still a little short for it. But he has fun walking it all over the backyard and even more fun when he gets us to push him "fast" on it.

Here he is on a tractor that is too big for him too. His cute little legs are great for running and climbing, but pedaling has been a challenge for him. But he tries the tractor like Fred Flinstone and he makes it work.

Here we are at the mall playground. There were actually quite a few kids for kind of a small space. It is a newer playground which was nice, and Landon had fun on all of the jungle-themed items.

Who knew you could hug a panther?

Landon of course has been eating well. Today he was treated to Hot Dog On A Stick. He scarfed down the fresh squeezed lemonade and the yummy corn dog.

There will be more to come as we spend tomorrow with Landon's two cousins Haydn and Lucas. We are looking forward to it. Then Mike will be teaching class number 2 via the Internet. We wish him the best.

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The Kalcichs said...

We miss you guys, but CA sounds great! Hope you have a great Thanksgiving!