Sunday, November 01, 2009

Landon's First Trick or Treat

Here is Landon at a door. He loved following the kids we went with to the door.
Will and Fran (Fran the chair of Mike's dept.) Gave him more than candy. It was Christmas.
It was really windy when we went out as you can tell by the neighbors hair. Landon darts in front of cars for this mother and daughter pair.
As soon as candy went in Landon would try to pull it right back out.
This is Lucky Dolce the dog next door. We call him Lucky, Landon calls him Ucky.
Landon and Miles.
Landon was a sport to wear the same costume again, I know he doesn't know the difference but it was a little too small and so he put on a brave face for the picture.
Eating a hot dog before Landon' night out on the town.
Landon received a great birthday present from Uncle Riley and Aunt Breanne. He really likes the fun coloring books and crayons. Thanks!

Landon and Papi decorating cookies at the Branch Halloween party.

Below is Landon at one of the doors he went to. Landon scored at least 4 full size candy bars.


Elise said...

Oh Hallie, if only we could live closer...Lily, Emerson and Landon wouldn't know what to do with themselves we would be having so much fun and eating such good food!!! Although we would all put on some extra pounds...I can't wait to try your Peppermint brownie pie. How many people can say that they have won a pie contest. Way to go Hallie!!!

Riley and Breanne said...

I love the cow costume!! So cute!

carly said...

love all the pictures! he does look so cute and so happy. i can't wait until next year when Cru kind of gets the whole going to the door thing. he just stared at everyone and everything this year. no expression. no talking. nothing. but landon sure did score...pass some of that over here!

Helena said...

What a cute little cow!