Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Trip to Nova Scotia, Day 8

Today we headed up to Halifax. The morning started off pretty gloomy, but the fog burned off and the breeze blew the clouds away, and it turned into a gorgeous early summer day. We started off by heading to the temple up in the Dartmouth/Cole Harbour area across a toll bridge from Halifax. The GPS failed to inform us that we needed a toll to cross (three quarters—no nickels or dimes, apparently), and we did not have the right change. Yikes! After attempting to feed nickels and dimes to the hopper, some guy behind us fed it the two quarters we needed, and we were on the road again. Phew! After going to the temple, we went to Bulk Barn, an awesome bulk food store. We trekked across another bridge back to Halifax (with three quarters this time) and headed down to the Historic Properties on the waterfront. We had Cows Ice Cream and then took a leisurely stroll along the water watching the boats and ships and people. The Canadian Navy celebrates its centennial this year (hence the queen’s visit (see Day 6)) and Canada Day is tomorrow, so there were many vessels and flags and patriotic goings on along the water. After exploring a couple of the ships docked at the wharf, we headed up to Dalhousie University and the Citadel (not to be confused with the one we saw in Québec). Finally we drove back to Bridgewater and helped the youth with a fundraising project they have planned for tomorrow. Mike has papers to grade and grades to post, so we headed back home. We made guacamole and seven layer dip and had “a laugh riot,” as Hallie put it. Good times.

At the Halifax Temple.
Crossing the bridge from Dartmouth to Halifax.
At the waterfront.
Theordore Tugboat (kind of like a Canadian Thomas the Train, but on the water).
Decorated dolphin on the wharf.
Another dolphin.
Ships on the water.
Hallie really liked all the flags decorating the ships and boats.
The HMCS Acadia.
Skyline, blue skies, and fluttering flags.
Another wharf shot.
Landon on the Acadia's steering wheel.
Landon being mauled by the Canadian Navy Marine mascot. It appears that he still needs a name.
View of the harbour from the Citadel.
The clock tower. Apparently, it was commissioned by Prince Edward, Duke of Kent (Who? Click the link) to resolve the issue of tardiness among the local residents.
Landon playing with Austin and kids at the Bridgewater meetinghouse.
Hallie and the youth putting pre-prepared cookie mixes in jars together for a fundraiser. Note the efficient assembly line.

No pics of the goings on back at the Dorey home. We don't want any evidence that people can hold against us. . . .

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