Sunday, June 27, 2010

Trip to Nova Scotia, Day 3

We crossed the 1000 mile mark today, having now traveled about 1300 miles from home to Moncton, New Brunswick. We’ve passed all sorts of interesting places we would love to explore if we weren’t already bound for Nova Scotia. Bummer. We’ll just have to come back some other time! The historical sites have a decidedly Loyalist, Québécois, or Acadian flavor, and we read in our guidebooks the rich history of the region from those perspectives. Particularly interesting is the history of the Republic of Madawaska, a formerly disputed area between the US and British North America from the Revolutionary War through the War of 1812 and on into the (undeclared) Aroostook War before the Webster-Ashburton treaty settled the issue (if you’re yawning, you’re missing out! Just consider the histories that might have been. After all, this chunk of New Brunswick might have been the US, or Maine might have been half its size, or we might have had the War of 1836 over this beautiful patch of rolling hills). Moving on. We stopped outside Perth-Andover along the St. John River and had a picnic lunch and travel break at a local rest stop. There we met a couple of local college age employees of the rest stop who were impressed with Landon’s mad soccer and basketball skillz. We made it to Moncton in the late afternoon/early evening and then stopped by the Roots Outlet and Costco, where we had dinner. Why Costco? Why, the Montreal Smoked meat sandwich and the poutine, of course! We did try asking a local at the Roots Outlet where she thought we might get a good bite to eat, and she thought Costco was as good a place as any (sorry, Moncton cuisine aficionados). Landon bounced off the walls in the hotel until way past his bedtime (considering we’re now on Atlantic Time, we all did). Happily, we had a suite and could let him sleep in his own room when he finally did crash.

Some pics of Landon and the rest stop in Perth-Andover. We were moving to quickly to manage any other photos!

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