Thursday, July 08, 2010

Trip to Nova Scotia, Day 16

Today was spent meandering along the Atlantic coast of Maine. We got an early start on the day because we knew we would be on the road for a while (just how long, we did not foresee) as we made our way to Boston. We generally followed Highway 1 down to Belfast, stopping by the West Quoddy Head Light Station at the easternmost point in the continental US. Now we have been to the easternmost points in both the US and Canada (Cape Spear when we went to Newfoundland in 2006). I know, I know – we’re just neat like that. The morning was quite foggy, so the lighthouse was shrouded in mist and we got to hear the foghorn sound every 30 seconds or so. From West Quoddy Head, we continued south to Machias and Helen’s Restaurant, famous for its pies. By this time, the weather had cleared. We had a late breakfast/brunch topped off by lemon meringue pie. We then wound our way to Columbia Falls, home to Wild Blueberry Land and the world’s largest blueberry. All along the road we saw quaint houses, American flags waiving in the breeze, farms and forest, and rugged coastline. By the time we got to Belfast, however, time was passing us by, and we had seen more coastline and trees and scenic byways than our wee eyes could take in. It was time to hit the main drag south through Augusta, at least for a little bit. But then we had to go back to the scenic route to get to Freeport and the L. L. Bean Flagship Store. We got Mike some clothes and Hallie some pillows for the living room. Time really was beginning to pass us by, so we hit the road again, passing through Portland, Kennebunk, Wells, Ogunquit, and so on – all really cute towns we’ll have to get back to some time. We finally made it into suburban Boston over 12 hours after we had started (Google maps had us down for a 6-7 hour trip. Oh well).

West Quoddy Head Light
Commemorative marker
Helen's Restaurant
Flags fluttering along every road.
The world's largest blueberry.
(Actually, it's a geodesic dome)
King for a day!
One of many churches we saw along the road.
Typical Main (Maine?) Street, USA
At the Giant shoe at the L. L. Bean store

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