Friday, July 09, 2010

Trip to Nova Scotia, Day 17

Today was spent in and around Boston. No long haul – just relaxing and catching our breath. We went down to Boston proper in the morning. As we’re traveling in from Waltham, we see this beautiful church to our right and realize right before road exit that it’s the temple, so we got off the highway and stopped by. Once we got into Boston, we took a short tour of the historical sites, which included a trip on a ferry boat. Landon especially enjoyed sitting on the topmost part of the deck and looking at all the boats and ships, including the USS Constitution. We spent a little time at the Boston Common, where Landon took an impromptu dip in the frog pond with the other kids there. Lots of people had come out to beat the heat! We came back to the hotel and rested for a bit before heading back out to Cambridge, Harvard University, and Walden Pond. Yes, we touched John Harvard’s toe. Yes, we learned that it’s a really touristy thing to do. And, yes, we learned what students do to John’s statue. Guilty as charged (the touching, not the peeing). The park around Walden Pond had closed for the night (6:30 or so), so we took the scenic route back to the hotel, winding down country roads and picturesque houses. By 9 PM, we were all out for the night.

The boys on Fenway Park seats.
The Boston Massachusetts Temple.
"Touch the temple," or in Landon's case, push really hard.
Detail of the building.
Detail of the grounds.
The Massachusetts State House, model for the United States Capitol.
View from inside the trolley.
The ferry.
Boston's skyline from the harbor.
Landon in a contemplative moment.
The marker at Bunker Hill.
The USS Constitution.
The Old State House, from which the Declaration of Independence was first read in Boston.
The Boston Common Frog Pond.
Landon taking in the cool water.
A view of one of the entrances/exits at Harvard.
View of Harvard Yard.
Us being tourists.
A bagpiper playing right off campus.
View of the one of the tunnels of trees through which we drove on our way back from Walden Pond.

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disabilitydiva said...

Boston! I have always wanted to visit even better to enjoy the temple too with Landon! What great parents you are!!