Saturday, July 03, 2010

Trip to Nova Scotia, Day 11

No photos today, just stories. We spent most of the day around the Burstall home. In the morning, Marie and Hallie went to Wheaton’s furniture store for their annual yard sale. Brad and I went after they had come back. Marie, Hallie, and Landon met us back there with the intent of all of us going to the nursery, but then Landon had a dirty diaper, so I had to go back home and watch the Argentina-Germany soccer game. In the midst of that and after everyone else returned, people set about preparing a meal for guests coming in from New Brunswick and the two sets of missionaries serving in the ward (which, by the way, covers an area of about 3500 km2 or over 1300 square miles—compare that to Simi 3rd Ward at maybe 3 square miles, or even Belle Isle at maybe 60 square miles). After it became clear that Argentina was going to break Mike’s heart (don’t cry for me—I’m German on my mother’s side, so it’s all good, kinda), he joined in the festivities, which by this time had amounted to 15¾ people. We had burgers, hot dogs, salad, and strawberry shortcake (with strawberries fresh from the local U-pick farm). After the elders left (the sisters did not arrive until around 5 PM), the rest of us went for a swim in the backyard pool. Landon really enjoyed swimming around, and once again he showed unusual skill for a kid his age. We even managed to get him to paddle on his own (with Mike holding him up by his tummy). Eventually everyone else save Marie, Brad, and us had gone, and we spent some time relaxing by the pool. However, the pleasant afternoon had to end, so we came in. The sisters came and we visited with them, then Marie hopped into the shower. As she was finishing, the hot water would not shut off! No burns or anything, but we did have a water problem on our hands. Brad was able to shut off the hot water, but we had to rush up to the Home Depot (a half-hour drive) quick before it closed. We found the part we thought we needed, but it didn’t solve the problem. So, we have limited access to hot water for the next little bit (on the plus side, the Burstalls may move forward with a potential bathroom remodel they had been contemplating). We drowned our collective woes in Farmers Heavenly Hash ice cream and watched mystery shows on TV.

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