Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Trip to Nova Scotia, Day 14

This morning started out cloudy, humid, and warm. We did laundry and hung it out on the line to dry. Mike did some work in preparation to teach his class tonight. Teaching online has brought with it unexpected opportunities; being able to teach class from 1200 miles away is one. We had an early lunch before hitting the road to see the Annapolis Valley and a lighthouse along the Bay of Fundy in Margaretville. For lunch we had PB &J sandwiches and Cheez Whiz sandwiches. Cheez Whiz is used here not only to fill celery or as a dip, but also to make Kraft dinner creamier and to spread on sandwiches. Landon and the kids Marie was looking after really liked their Cheez Whiz sandwiches. Although he does like Cheez Whiz, Mike wasn’t quite ready to try it on a sandwich. After lunch, we took to the road with Margaretsville as our intended final destination. We headed west along the 221, preferring to take the more rural route to the main drag. Our path took us up out of the Annapolis Valley, over North Mountain, and down to the ocean near Harbourville. From Harbourville, we ended up meandering along a few gravel roads and back into the Valley before making it back to the 221. Our route took us along the north side of the Valley. The Annapolis Valley is known for its agriculture (Berwick, for instance, is “The Apple Capital of Nova Scotia”), and we saw the evidence as we drove past miles and miles of farmland and orchards. After a stretch we again crossed over North Mountain and down into Margaretsville, again after traveling from paved to gravel roads. We found a wharf and an artist cottage there along with outstanding views of the cliffs. On our way back, we saw that the Cottage Cove Provincial Park was kind of along our way along the coast, so we got out the GPS and headed for it. First we drove along a two-lane paved road, then a two-lane gravel road, then a narrow gravel road that got steeper and rougher the further we drove. The GPS told us we had arrived, but all we saw was road and trees, so Mike got out and headed down the road another quarter mile or so before he heard a stream flowing as the road opened up to what he guessed was Cottage Cove (we never did find any signs). He took in the view, took some photos, and then we headed back to the Burstalls east along the Evangeline Trail (Trunk 1) after we once again crossed over North Mountain. We beat the rain before it got to the Burstalls, but our laundry hanging out on the line to dry had to be run through the spin cycle and put in the dryer. Oh well. Mike did more prep and then taught class without the aid of a microphone but with a webcam and IM (it was a challenge) while Hallie, Landon, and Marie went back out to Jonny’s for supper and ice cream with the Attridges, a family Hallie taught and saw baptized as a missionary. At the Burstalls again, we contemplated the fact that we’re back on the road again tomorrow. Our time in Nova Scotia is coming to a close again.

Looking back at the winding gravel road that brought us near to Harbourville.
The view of the shear cliffs and exposed shore at low tide.
A house that had the view all to itself. We had a hard time telling whether it was occupied.
Hallie and Landon at the stream near the house leading to the sea.
Evidence that we saw a family of wild pheasants along one of the rural roads. They scattered before we could get a complete group shot.
A view of the Valley looking south toward South Mountain.
A farmhouse in the Valley.
Fields of hay and lupines.
More fields.
Another shot.
Margaretsville Lighthouse.
You can rent one of these cottages right near the shore.
The Artists Circle, a shack selling local paintings and other creative works.
View of a waterfall along the shore.
A view from the wharf.
The last part of the ever narrowing road to Cottage Cove.
The stream that proved Cottage Cove was near.
The view from Cottage Cove.
Pretty wildflowers in bloom. There are flowers all over the place right now.
The Attridges with Landon.

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