Monday, July 19, 2010

Mackinaw or Mackinac, you say it the same

Hallie’s mom has been in town to visit, so we have shown her the sights and taken her to a few fun places. On Thursday and Friday, Hallie and Marilyn drove up to Mackinaw City and visited Mackinac Island. In the mean time, the boys played at home!

A pastie from the Mackinaw Pastie and Cookie Company in Mackinaw City.
Taking a ferry to Mackinac Island.
View of the island from the ferry.
Inside Ryba's Fudge Shop.
Even the UPS guy goes by horse on Mackinac Island--no cars allowed!
Meanwhile, the boys went down to the park kiddie pool.
Landon splashed around like crazy.
The girls loved all the beautiful floral displays.

Hallie outside the Grand Hotel.
Views of the water from the Grand Hotel.
Marilyn tooling around.
Landon horsing around.
Views of the lounge chairs and the lake from the hotel. The girls' weather improved as the day went on.
Views of the ducks from the docks at the park. Mike and Landon had to seek cover indoors as the weather turned from sunny to stormy.
View from the local library where the boys waited out the rainstorm.
Meanwhile, the girls viewed the world through their own arch (Arch Rock).
The downpour as seen from our front porch.
The gorgeous skies as seen from Mackinac Island.
The following day, the girls stopped by McGulpin Point Lighthouse.
View of the Mackinac Bridge.
Along the beach.
While we waited for the girls to get home, the boys took a bike ride to the local elementary school playground.
Landon is getting to be an expert at riding on two wheels.
Wait for Papi!


Candi said...

Wait! Is that where they filmed "Somewhere in Time"?

Chairman Mao said...

You got it!

Riley and Breanne said...

That Island looks so cute! I would love to go there.