Friday, July 02, 2010

Trip to Nova Scotia, Day 10

We spent our first day in Berwick (pronounced “Berk” by the locals) with Mike grading papers and doling out final grades while Hallie ran into town to run a few errands with Marie. Work done, we went down to New Ross to the Ross Farm Museum with Brad, Marie, and the kids Marie looks after. Later on, we went to Jonny’s Restaurant for huge ice cream cones and yummy fish and chips (sans chips). Landon had a good time both at the farm and with his ice cream. Beautiful sunny day with the promise of more to come.
Outside the farm.
Some fields with growing crops.
Taking a walk along the nature trail.
Learning about ox shoes from the blacksmith.
Landon hanging around with a newborn calf.
Waiting to take a ride on the wagon.
Learning lessons at an 1840s schoolhouse.
Making hay while the sun shines.
Baking bread for the workers and the tourists.
Heeeer'e's Jonny's! Many of the better places we've eaten at are housed in smallish buildings like these. That's authentic road food for you.

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disabilitydiva said...

Oh AMAZING! Thank you for posting so many pictures about your trip. SO Excited to hear more!!