Thursday, July 01, 2010

Trip to Nova Scotia, Day 9

Canada Day in New Germany = Awesome! Bright and early the Doreys and we headed down to where the YM and YW set up their cookie mix booth. Blue skies and cool breezes made for a perfect outdoor day. Several other people had set up booths with food and activities, but the festivities really started to get underway when the ox pull started. We watched a few teams of oxen pull their heavy weights on flat boards (it kind of reminded us of what ox teams might have had to do when bringing stones for the Salt Lake Temple down from the quarry. From the ox pull and the booth area, we walked down to the main drag and to the elementary school where the floats, performers, and vehicles were getting prepared for the parade through town. Landon even got a chance to sit in the cab of a brand new International big rig. We walked back to Kathy’s mom’s apartment and staked out a viewing place for the parade. Before too long, we began to hear the police cars and fire trucks sound their sirens, and the parade was under way! Landon stood transfixed by the large vehicles, and he got really excited when kids started handing out candy and freeze pops! Once the parade ended and the streets cleared up a bit, we headed back to the booth area and Landon took a couple of turns in the bounce house. We wished we could stay longer, but we were due in Berwick for the second part of our Nova Scotia stay, so we said, “So long,” to the Doreys and our other Bridgewater Ward friends and took to the road. The Doreys were the best, and we will miss them now that we’re heading to the Valley. We arrived in the late afternoon at the Burstall’s in Berwick. Landon played some before we put him to bed and visited with Bro. and Sis. Burstall into the evening. Happy Birthday, Canada!
The Doreys and the Owens.
Grandma Kathy and and Grandpa Neil.
Outside the Royal Canadian Legion in New Germany.
At the booth area before the crowds came.
Setting up the cookie mix booth.
More set up.
The cameraman who ended up taking footage of Mike and Hallie.
Landon among the oxen.
The ox pull area with grandstand, announcers, and spectators.
Landon taking in the event with friends.
The shade is nice, but I'm not so sure I'd want to be sitting there.
Down at the school among the floats.
Landon in the International big rig.
The parade. Here's the veterans' float.
Local firetrucks.
"Landon's" truck.
A pirate float.
More of the float.
Marching band.
The Shriners' float.
Kiddie train.
Country band.
Backside of the Michelin float.
Cars making up the tail end of the parade.
. . . and one last float.
Landon at the bounce house. So long, New Germany!

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