Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Heart beats a little quicker

I know I have posted about us doing Foster Care before and you would think, Geez this must be going along since I have not read anything about it in so long. Not!
We completed our PRIDE training back in June and received our certificates of completion shortly after coming back from our vacation in July.
To turn in our application we had to have a physical done and a TB test. All three of us. Landon's was the easiest. Before we left on vacation in June everything was done. However getting our stuff done has taken quite a long time. Six weeks just to get in to see the Dr. for a physical and a TB shot. Mike had to get a chest x-ray due to TB exposure in Argentina.
Everything came back and was done yesterday. So today I put everything into the required envelopes that the county provided us with, and I headed down to the main office in Detroit.
Always a little anticlimactic just handing over two envelopes full of your life essentials. When I got back in the car I realized that here goes nothing, and then I rethought, no, here goes EVERYTHING.
We pray for a smooth process and one that will enrich our family and others in this process. We look forward to the time that all three of us can share our love with another child for no matter how long that time may be.
Remember that even though we are starting the Foster Care route we are always still open to adoption and please remember us in your prayers as we continue to build our family.

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Lila said...

so so so good to hear an update like this and although i'm sure it has been a tedious and difficult process, your attitude is right on! I constantly have to remind myself to stay positive and trust that I will be blessed blessed blessed. so good luck, you will be so wonderful for this process. also, if you haven't heard of them. look into "life books", we were facinated by it at an FSA meeting featuring a woman who fostered and foster to adopted. i have sort of made a lifebook for evan and will for cora too but for fostering it is so much more important to give them any information you can including pictures when they may stay with several families. it seems fun. :)