Saturday, August 14, 2010

Jungle Java and Dexter Daze

Another busy Saturday. Our friend Julie had a garage sale this morning, so we went by and bought a couple of things, most notably a Razor scooter for Landon. A few weeks ago, Landon borrowed one from our neighbors down the street, and he was a quick study, so we figured that when Julie had one, Landon's chance had arrived. Afterwards, we passed by the farmers market, where Hallie picked up a shirt for Landon. So many tempting homemade items!

Once we returned from the farmers market, we picked up our neighbors Gabi and Miles and headed off to Jungle Java, an indoor play center in Ann Arbor. Jungle Java was like a giant tree house or jungle gym or obstacle course all rolled into one. The grown ups can climb around with the kids if they'd like, or they can relax without the constant yammering of bells and sirens surfing the net on the free wireless network while sipping cool drinks and sitting in plush leather chairs. Papi Gabi, Miles, and Landon climbed and swung and slid to their hearts' content, at least until Landon banged up his ear when he fell while trying to go the wrong way up a slide. Poor little guy! A little cry, a pack of ice, and a hug later, he was back to playing.

A view of the climbing area from below.
A tree house.
Landon's war wound.

But we didn't drive out to Ann Arbor just to get a workout. We also had come to attend another Michigan summer festival: Dexter Daze in the village of Dexter, just down the road. The festivities started with a train ride, continued with face painting, and ended with an ice cream cone. With all the heat and humidity we've dealt with lately, there's always an excuse for frozen dairy. Landon's octopus-painted face matched his cool octopus hat, much to the delight of the local girls who couldn't get enough of our little rebel. A scooter ride and a bath once we got home, and Landon was done for the day.

Miles, train, Mike, Landon, and Gabi.
Landon, Hallie (in a fetching dress, I must say!), and train.
Landon was not quite sure he wanted to get his face painted once he started.
The finished product.
Landon had to get a look for himself!
Taking a ride on the scooter once we got home.
Flags flapping freely from the front porches.

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