Wednesday, May 27, 2009

A Rematch With More At Stake


We were listening to the radio version of the hockey game tonight. I had been tuning in and out of it while doing other things. Right in the nick of time I turned it back up when the Wings scored the winning goal in over time. Wah hoo! It didn't hurt that one of their scorers tonight is from Newfoundland. Oh those Canadians have a place in my heart. This year the the final games between the Red Wings and the Penguins have a bigger stake in my family. Last year I didn't care so much who won (these two teams played each other last year) because my favorite team was still the Dallas Stars. Now that my favorite team is the Wings we are going to have lots of positivity coming from this part of the country, my brother Riley wants the Penguins to win. I want to show him that Detroit can do it two years in a row and pray that the Red Wings can help bring a rally to a sagging city.

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