Monday, May 18, 2009

A Great Birthday

The pictures below are a bit out of order and I guess for now they will stay that way as my eyes are getting heavier by the minute. I had a great birthday this year. We had box lunches that we took to the zoo with us from the Lunchbox Deli. We then went home and had pizza from Pizza Papali's which is always good. Mike, Landon, and Diamond sang Happy Birthday to me while we ate chocolate cake and had vanilla ice cream, thank heavens for Costco. I will put a few captions under the photos below so you have a bit of an idea about me, the zoo, and my new love the Detroit RedWings

One of my favorite sights in Detroit lately is the Blue Cross/Blue Shield billboard. If you are driving on Jefferson from Detroit to Grosse Pointe you pass this amazing billboard. The Detroit RedWings are in the playoffs again and the spirit for the red is out in full force. Today when I got my nails done the guy asked if I wanted some airbrushing of the Wings. Next time I said. I hope they last that long, the Wings that is.

The four of us in front of the Polar Bear exhibit. 

Can we say daredevil? Landon was climbing on anything he could. He even found higher bars to climb but we thought not to worry the grandmas and did not post those photos.
Here is me and my stylish new shades.

Diamond almost died with the thought of a butterfly landing on her in the exhibit so this was a picture just after we got out of the exhibit.

My first pair of prescription sunglasses. I am so excited to have them. We are outside a lot more than we have ever been and my eyes were beginning to bug me. Happy Mother's Day and Birthday to me. Thanks to Scott at Costco who was an awesome help. Diamond did not do too badly either.


Bettina said...

Happy Birthday!

Aimee said...

Sounds like a great day. I'm glad you were born!