Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Fun At The Park

This last Saturday we went to a farewell/adoption picnic. Every year there is a Families Supporting Adoption Picnic. This year we moved it up to give Kathie our former Adoptive Director a fond farewell. LOTS of people came, and Michelle and I are so glad it was a success. We had yummy pulled pork sandwiches and hot dogs, and everyone contributed a side dish. Being that I was helping Michelle with the extravaganza, we got there about an hour early. I found it really hard to keep Landon away from anything that looks like water. You will see at the bottom of the page that Landon proceed to get into the "Lake Michigan" at the park. One minute he was fully clothed, and the next minute he was in up to his waist. It was quite funny to be honest, but at that point I realized we had no more diapers and we weren't going to be home for another 4 hours or so. He dried out and all was well, thank goodness. The best thing was that Landon did not stop the whole time and had an absolute blast playing at the park. Landon is the consumate go getter, and we love that about him. He continues to amaze us.

Oh we just love this face!

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Summer said...

I am SOOOOOOOO sad that we moved away and couldn't go to the picnic. I'm glad it was such a great success!!!