Monday, May 04, 2009

Everyday Something New

Recently Landon turned 18 months old. At his appointment with the doctor she said he is progressing well and his activity on the table even made her a bit nervous. Landon has grown quite a bit. In the last 3 months he grew 3" which is the most he has ever grown. He is now 30". He kept us his usual 1 pound every 3 months. So he is now a whopping 23 pounds. 
In the last couple of days Landon has been making car noises when he is playing with the cars that he at one time never cared for.
Landon does say a few words now: Car, Ball, More, Shoes, Cheese, and Grandpa. Now mind you they don't all sound exactly as they are written but we know what he is saying.
Landon does a few signs as well. It sure has helped us communicate with him better.
This week Hallie felt it was time that Landon started wearing his Crocs. They look so cute on him and most of the time he can almost get them on by himself. 
Landon has a chore of throwing his own diaper away after being changed and sometimes he is very good at it. Other times he would rather throw it or kick it before throwing it away. 
We spent some time at the park on Sunday afternoon it was a beautiful day. Landon has loved the swings in the past but yesterday he was not so fond. Hmmm! We will have to work on that. The greatest thing Landon has started to do is hum/sing a long with any music. You can really get him to do it if you sing a song or nursery rhyme we have sang a lot. What he says makes no sense and it is totally out of tune and I can't help laughing, it is so dang cute! But hey what am I saying everything about him is so dang cute. 
If you ever come and visit make sure you have your running shoes on and our ready to play chase and are willing to hide and play peek a boo. He laughs and screams and will fall down laughing. Hallie's laughs and smiles so much her face hurts but nothing could be better.
I can't wait to see what will happen when he wakes up from his nap today.

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