Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The biggest difference

I was reading some old posts on a blog we follow, the r house, and I ran across an entry that reminded me of how important it is that women who find themselves pregnant out of wedlock get a complete understanding of the options available to them. In her entry (here), Mrs. R. reflected on then-candidate Barack Obama's views on sex education. There's plenty in that entry that I could rant about, but I won't. Instead I wanted to share a beautifully simple statement that Mrs. R's birthmom made: 
"The biggest difference between adoption and abortion is that the baby gets to live."
Would that all women who face an unplanned pregnancy saw things so clearly. Would that more people took adoption as an option meriting real consideration. Would that they understood how adoption heals a childless couple, a selfless birthmom, and a precious baby all in one miraculous act of life affirming love.

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disabilitydiva said...

Thanks for the reminder of adoption as truly a gift!!