Monday, May 25, 2009

Could Not Have Been Better

This Memorial Day could not have been better. The fact that Landon is not waking up til almost 7:00 am is a plus in itself. We decided to skip nap time today and get to Greenfield Village as soon as they opened so we could beat the crowds. We did just that and spent about 90 min there. We had a great time seeing all of the Civil War reenactors. One of the women said they actually spent the whole weekend there in their tents that you will see below. Landon LOVED the drummers and seeing all of the horse drawn carriages around the streets. A lady was passing out flags and Hallie made a rosette to wear for the rest of the day. The weather was a little chilly this morning but other than that it was ideal. While Landon slept after we got home Mike and Hallie made faux BYU Mint Brownies. They turned out to be pretty darn yummy. Yeah! We took our brownies to a Memorial Day cookout. We enjoyed a FHE lesson and some dang good steaks. Of course the talk was great. Laughing is amazing and we surely did that. Thanks to our Veterans and those currently serving for making sure we had a great day today and that we will have more to come.

Civil War Confederate Soldiers.
The Union Soldiers were on their way.
We were in a perfect spot to see the two troops change and play their drums. Landon was fascinated.
We did our part after getting our zoo membership on Hallie's birthday and bought Landon a cute hat. He loves wearing a hat like his Papi.

Landon found his spot and he is ready.

A woman preparing the garden. At Greenfield Village they really have gardens they harvest and animals they raise.

Landon with Union Soldiers. We are not sure what he was thinking about this whole idea. But he is always a good sport. We even enlisted him in the Army.

Mike and Landon are in front of the Wright Brothers home. We loved the way the house was decorated. Our little abode will have bunting up soon.

Landon believed he was such a big kid. Yet, he thought he could steal food off of other kids plates. They were not so fond of that idea. He was so well behaved the whole day. Okay, except for him thinking that Ann's garden was a sandbox. That, not so good.


carly said...

very cute pictures. looks like fun. one of these days when i get a free hour or so i'll blog about the last month of our lives!

The Kalcichs said...

You guys made our day great! Thanks for coming over and hanging out with us. Damon was so impressed with Landon; he thinks he's such a cool kid!