Sunday, January 17, 2010

What Can You Do?!

Dear Family and Friends (and family & friends of family & friends),

A miracle happened for us in 2007 when Landon joined our family through adoption. The love and support you gave us at that time was deeply felt and appreciated. We have been so blessed to have such wonderful family and friends who have kept us in your prayers. We started our paperwork for another adoption in January of 2009 and have since been approved to adopt again! YEAH!! We are again asking for your prayers and assistance. Since our chances of adopting increase with exposure, we want to remind you about designated adoption. Designated adoption is when the birthparents and adoptive parents find each other through a third party. That is where you come in!


· Forward this email to everyone in your address book. If you have a blog (Blogger, Typepad, Facebook, Myspace, etc.) copy and paste this email to a post.

· Link to our Internet profiles on your blog accounts:

· Bookmark our online profile(s) for future reference.

· Have our pass-along cards with you at all times. If you don’t have any contact us so we can send you more (

· If you know of a woman who is thinking about placing her baby for adoption, or doesn't quite know what to do, please give her one of our pass-along cards or our web address. You could also post our cards on bulletin boards wherever you think a potential birth mother or someone she knows might see them (for example, dorms or college campus common areas).

· Create a signature line at the bottom of your emails that has our web address included (see example below). This serves as a constant reminder to others of our hope to adopt.

Our friends are hoping to adopt!

Check them out!

We decided that we would like to have a theme this time around: "Once you choose hope, anything’s possible." Adoption in itself is an act of hope. We hope to add to our family. Parents who place their children hope to find families to love and care for their children. We each believe it is possible to give a child a life full of love through adoption, and we desire for you to share this desire.

We have grown to love adoption, and it has become a big part of our lives. We are always willing to talk about our adoption and give you more information. Feel free to ask anytime. You or the potential birth parents may contact us or our caseworker Doug Gardner at LDS Family Services anytime to request more information. His number is (248) 553-0902. Thank you in advance for all your help as well as your love and support.

Much Love,

Mike, Hallie, and Landon

(313) 377-7368

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