Sunday, January 31, 2010

A Flying Leap

On Saturday we needed to go to Ann Arbor for an adoption event. We left early to run by Cost Plus World Market and hoped to have time to go to the Hands On Museum. After the shopping we had no time for the museum, but we still had about an hour or so to spare. So the handy dandy Matilda (aka the GPS) took us to the Briarwood Mall where we found the contraption below. We were headed through the mall to find the play area, and we turned down the wrong hallway. There was no turning back once Landon caught sight of this jumping machine. So we caved in and paid the $7.00 for 5 min. Yes it was a rip off, but he had so much fun! Did not see him laughing out loud but at the end of it all he wanted to go again. We still went to the play area for a bit where he ran around and had a lot of fun. Out trip to Ann Arbor was well worth our time.

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Lila said...

oh my gosh, evan would LOVE this! come to think of it, all boys probably. lol :)