Thursday, January 28, 2010

The Boys Go On An Adventure

We have been promising Landon for a long while that he could go on the bus one day with Mike. Today was the day. We dressed him quite warm as it is with the wind chill close to 0 today. While I was out taking pictures of them my hair froze since it was still wet from my shower. Here are the pictures below. I did not ride with them as I drove the car to pick Landon up after the big adventure. He had story time soon after. It wouldn't be a big deal if he missed it but today was a good one so I am glad we did not. While on the bus Landon saw a school bus and wanted to go on that one instead. What a character.

Almost ready to go on the big adventure.

Heading to the corner. We live only about 2 houses away from the stop.

Landon insists on having his hands in his pockets. So no gloves for this little one.

Here comes the bus. Thank goodness we did not have to wait too long. My hair might have fallen off.

I am not sure if he understood what was happening, but he got on happily.

Away they go! Mike said he was well behaved and enjoyed himself. What a cute guy!

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carly said...

how cute!!!!