Saturday, January 23, 2010

11 Years, A New Love of....

Oh my what a crazy day our 11th anniversary was. It was all good and revolved around two good things: family and food. Today started out early. Landon woke up at 6:00 am, the 7:00 couldn't last forever. However, he did sleep for 12 hours so we can't hold it against him. He woke up in good spirits and was off to being busy as usual.
At around 8:00 am we went to the Village Grille to have breakfast. They just added on and are now serving breakfast and we have to say we really enjoyed ourselves. Landon ate really well and there was only one other table of guests, so he couldn't get into too much trouble.
Yesterday we went to an estate sale. Mike was a good sport when, after the appointment we were helping the missionaries with fell through, he said he was willing to go with me to the sale we saw a sign for. By the end of our tour around a pretty good sized house we bought a bed frame and box spring for $15. I thought that was good idea but had no idea how to get it home. Thanks to my WONDERFUL Visiting Teacher, who let me use her minivan, we were able to return this morning to pick up our goods. Landon was a big helper and almost a perfect listener the whole time (P.S. Mike may be jealous because I have a new love in my life... the Toyota Sienna).
At noon we dropped Landon off at Bettina and Cameron's house who so kindly offered to babysit Landon so we could go to the Love and Logic Seminar in the afternoon. (I know, really romantic right?) On our way we stopped by what is pictured below. I heard of them through something somewhere and as usual signed up for their emails. Our yummy destination was kind of in the vicinity to where the seminar was so we made a pit stop. Boy am I glad we did!

The Chocolate Michigan Bumpy Cake. YUMMY!
The Cupcake Station. We arrived late to the Love and Logic Seminar so we could go get these.
Buy one get one free is what drew us to this store today. We bought a dozen, no two the same. We have tried two and so far they are dang good!

After a really good time at the seminar we trotted back to the car that was parked a bit away due to nearly 500 people being at the seminar. We passed an eatery called Salsarita . It is similar to Cafe Rio and Baja Fresh. Which we LOVE. So we grabbed some take out and headed back to pick up our bundle of joy.

A table for our little big boy. Landon loves to help. Here he is helping Mike put together a table Mami bought on her magical alone shopping trip to IKEA. Thanks Mike!

Landon loves sitting at his little table. He is coloring away now and having so much fun with it. So glad I bought it.

I found myself saying at the end of the day, "It was such a busy day, we need to decompose, er uh, decompress!"

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Happy anniversary!