Thursday, January 14, 2010

We Are Home - Not A Ton New

It has been a bit cold here in Michigan. Not as much snow as we had anticipated. Because of the cold we have been in the house quite a bit more than we were in California. Landon has been a sport and has ventured outside with Papi to shovel and just to check out the Winterwonderland. Here are some of our most recent photos. Landon has finally figured out how to climb all of the way out of his crib. He doesn't do it often thank goodness. So in weeks to come we will be trying a twin bed for him. Oh how this cutie is growing up!

Landon pushing Brobee on his train. Landon's speech finally kicked in while we were in California. Today as we pulled up to the house, Landon said, "Landon's house". That was a first.
Landon is not potty trained yet, but he thinks part of his potty seat should be worn on his head.

Bailey Bear, Landon, and Papi off on a walk to the library to get Landon's wiggles out before dinner.
Landon saw a biscuit on the counter climbed the barstool and got it by himself. This is the simplest thing he has done in the last couple of days. Today he flipped head first off the couch. Did not cry, was annoyed I was holding him because I thought he was hurt.

This kid has attitude! And he knows it.

At Macy's 2nd Monday at the Henry Ford Museum this week they gave the kids all a Mickey Mouse. Landon loves it! He asks to watch Mickey Mouse now more than Cars. I never knew a day would come when something would win out over Cars.

Here is Landon and Papi listening to a story on a railroad car that the museum opens only once a year. Henry Ford had this car duplicated from another one and it is decked out! It was used to carry friends and dignitaries around Greenfield Village after it opened. We were lucky to be at the museum that day!

Here is Landon peeking his head out of a steam locomotive at the museum.

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Bettina said...

we skipped macey's second monday this month because we didn't want to drive in that snow. Looks like we missed out!