Saturday, January 16, 2010

Sometimes It Hurts

In order to get to know other adoptive parents better and to feel that I am apart of something I joined Adoption Voices . Since joining I have met a lot of people and that is great. Where I am torn is I joined a group on Adoption Voices called Prospective Opportunities. A man named Dave Williams who works for Adoption Center of Choice . He often is posting new opportunities for adoptive families. Most of the time the situations he presents does not work for us for one reason or another. Yet, in the last month two situations have been posted that would seem good for our family except for one MAJOR thing, MONEY! An average adoption cost $26,000 and that is a lot of money, but his agency is charging even more. I don't understand all of the whys, I just know we want a baby and this is where it hurts. Tonight Mike pleaded with the Lord in the Temple for us to be blessed with a child and now as we teach Landon to pray we have him ask for us to be placed with a child. As I was reading my emails Dave sent another opportunity out looking for adoptive parents for this opportunity:

Expecting Twins: boy/girl.
Due 3/10/10
No drugs/alcohol/tobacco
No mental or physical health concerns
BF 31. (Caucasian/Hispanic) will sign
Lives in Nevada;
Prenatal care: yes
2 other children ages 2 1/2 and 8 months
Placement Fee $32,475
Twin fee is $16,000
Estimated legal 5000,
Estimated post placement assist $2500

Please contact Dave Williams Outreach Specialist at The Adoption Center of Choice at 801-473-9350 for more information.

If you know of anyone who would qualify please pass this information on to them.

We don't have the money for this situation and this is why it hurts sometimes. Several years ago I wrote a talk about how adopting requires H.O.P.E. Right now the (P) perseverance is hard for me. So for the (H) hard work part of H.O.P.E. on Monday we are going to the Michigan's Department of Human Services to start paperwork for Foster Care. I plan on building our Forever Family in whatever fashion it takes.


Helena said...

That would be discouraging. Hang in there! Something will work out!

Bettina said...

You guys are awesome! I've met a few foster families through homeschooling (some of whom have adopted their charges) and I've seen that it takes a lot of love. You two have such big hearts that I know you'll do great.

The Michiganders said...


I worked with this agency many times as a maternity nurse in Utah. It left a yucky feeling. They are in the money making business for sure. They are not about making families nearly as much as they are about making a profit.

The waiting is sooooo hard. I am sorry!